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new lightbox photo
new lightbox photo

Benefits of Using Lightbox Plugin on Website


It’s almost impossible to imagine a website without images installed on it. Thus, even if it has only one image it definitely deserves a memorable and good-looking presentation. So why this blog post aims to show 4 main points-benefits of Lightbox plugin:

  1. easy in use
  3. customization
  4. useful options

Now let’s pass through this 4 points and discover this plugin from different aspects. The first one is related to plugin’s usage.
1. Usage

As I’ve already stated it is very simple in use,however, there are some nuances in uploading images . If they  are uploaded to a website without using proper instructions then WordPress Lightbox will not function correctly, it will not be opened. Images can be uploaded to websites both as posts or pages using Add Media button. When uploading them  to Media Library it is crucial to select “link to media type” file for each one.

Thus, after uploading images using media file type the following result will be achieved:

It’s worth to mention that not only photos can be opened in a lightbox but videos as well. In order to do that it is necessary to include the link to <a> tag like: <a href=”“></a>. So, overall plugin is ready for checking its functionality.

  1. Lightbox Views

The second point is that this plugin gives  a chance to select among different views. It has new and old Lightbox types. Each one has its particular views and options. For example, New Lightbox has 5 interesting styles. The one which is presented above is new Lightbox type with the first style. The second one has a transparent background, thus, the whole content is visible behind Lightbox, however it opens full page.

The third view is opposite to the first one, like yin and yang. While the first is black the third is completely white. Arrows as well as close and play buttons are at

The fourth view again has a transparent background but on the contrary to the second one arrows are not at the bottom but at two sides of images. The only similarity with the second view is “social share” button position. Lightbox layouts are irrefutable successful keys for presenting images in an attractive and memorable way but that can be gained also through Lightbox Open/Close effects as well as various image frames.

The last view in new lightbox type has completely different appearance. It is not similar to anyone presented before.

In this view images are left aligned and share buttons are already opened, while in case of other views it’s necessary to open them by clicking on a “share” button.


Old type has 5 various views. The great difference between new lightbox type  and old one is that new one opens photos full page, while old one doesn’t have this functionality.   This one has a preview option which helps website creators to get acquainted with views before publishing it. Definitely, it fastens website creation process.

Old type gives an opportunity to see the content of a page without closing lightbox as images are shown behind a page.

3. Customization

In both lightboxes there are images’ count, arrows for changing them and close button. These are the basic tools added to lightboxes but each one has its own functionality, which another one doesn’t have. So, let’s pass to the third point and check how much customizable lightboxes are.

Initially, it worth to mention that in both lightboxes container’s dimensions can be easily changed from options. If in New Lightbox Type everything is clear, old lightbox type needs some clarifications. Thus, when “popup size fix” option is selected pictures will be opened with dimensions written in the Popup MaxWidth and Popup MaxHeight fields.

Popup Size Fix option doesn’t make images stretched or resized, lightbox is just taking image’s original ratio and puts it in container with a fixed size. So, why black spaces appear on two sides of images. When this option is unticked, lightbox just takes picture’s dimensions and shows them without any deviation.

In both lightboxes titles can be shown or removed, the opening or closing speed can be changed, they are both responsive on different screen sizes.

4.Useful Options

Before diving into the options of New and Old lightboxes, it worth to note about image view statistics included in the plugin. The aim of the statistics is to register how many times the image was clicked and opened in a lightbox per day, month and even year. This useful feature is included in New Lightbox type.

Both New, Old Lightboxes are equipped with a slideshow and watermark options. Slideshow option gives an opportunity to change photos automatically without any interference from outside. The speed for changing them, autoplay and everything else can be adjusted from the options.

Both New, Old Lightboxes are equipped with a slideshow and watermark options. Slideshow option gives an opportunity to change photos automatically without any interference from outside. The speed for changing them, autoplay and everything else can be adjusted from the options.

Watermark is especially designed for adding another picture to videos or images opened in lightbox. It aims to identify this or that file’s copyright information.

Watermark image can be enabled or disabled by putting a checkmark in the first field. It can have a title, taken from Media Library, with color, size adjustments possibility. Watermark’s position, opacity and background can be adjusted with the help of available options as well. Overall, it can have the following appearance:

As it is shown in the screenshot I’ve added a text “RogerPhotography” as a watermark but if someone wants to have an image instead of text, then it is necessary just to upload some picture but leave a text field empty. Otherwise, lightbox will take the text from that field even if an image is uploaded too.

Image frame option, which was already presented, can be replaced with image shadow effect in the case if none of ready made frames is suitable for images, their colour and content. Image shadow effect is minimalistic, light and airy.

Shadow can be customized according to its position, blur, spread and colour. Overall, it is creating a modern 3D effect applied to images. How? The image below will proof that.

church wall photo

Unfortunately, it is impossible to speak about all available options in the plugin because they are dozens but some definitely deserve attention of any website creator.

Primarily, it is possible to add a link to images in a new Lightbox type. This means, that even after opening a photo, it can be directed to an external page, which can be opened in another new tab or refresh the same page. For multilingual websites or websites in different language the option for changing “Sequence info text” can be a very useful. Text can be changed to any language by filling in required fields. Besides the fact that new type has different layouts, it has transition effects as well.

Another option is zooming option. When it is enabled, pictures can be zoomed in as well as zoomed out  through special icons which are added to lightbox.

In this view magnifying glasses are at the top of images. The percentage of zoom size can be changed from options. Besides, images in the lightbox itself, can be presented as full width or full screen if the proper options are enabled from the admin

Navigation of images in the lightbox can be achieved not only through arrows but through thumbnails as well. Width and height, position and margin between thumbnails can be changed from Thumbnail options. Here is the result of using one of useful options of the plugin.

Taj Mahal photo

Finally, the last option in new type which can make a website, photo or video very popular is availability of adding social share buttons to pictures. This option is an outstanding one. When uploading them through Media Library there is no way to share them but this plugin can be a key to a successful and popular website. Plugin offers a great variety of social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter etc.

As it was already mentioned in most of views social share icons appear only after clicking on “share” button. Only in the last view the colorful icons are already opened. In other views they have the following simple black & white design.

So, we have passed through 4 crucial points according to which lightbox plugin can definitely find its usage on any website. They can be considered to be the benefits of the plugin which will give popularity, fashionable look, brightness and great functionality to websites.

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