Joomla extensions security notice – Huge-IT
Joomla Plugin Updates Image
Joomla Plugin Updates Image

Joomla extensions security notice


Huge-IT made a major update for its Joomla Extensions, both on Free and Pro versions. We firmly recommend all users to update their extensions to the very latest versions that are available on our website.

We have fixed several major issues connected with vulnerable extensions, including exploit type SQL injection as well as issues with cross site scripting vulnerabilities (XSS).

Please, follow up this important security release notice and update the extensions as soon as possible.

Huge-IT Joomla extensions include 8 tools to build image and video galleries with responsive layout and excellent functionality in order to build galleries. These tools are great solutions both for photographers or business owners. Slides and sliders can be added with our extensions anywhere on your website whether it is a homepage, footer or widget area. Besides that you are able to create catalogs in order to present your goods, add advanced Google maps and use other available solutions from Huge-IT.

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