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Huge IT Plugin Updates Image
Huge IT Plugin Updates Image

Major WordPress Plugin Updates For Team Huge-IT


We have more and more productive weeks in terms of development and this cannot be more exciting. Let’s start from the beginning of major updates of our game changers.

Forms plugin comes with requested update of front-end submissions this week. The competitive option has 2 awesome views to demonstrate submitted data on front end. Give a try and let us know how you like them.

The Forms plugin has also been updated in regards of the code was optimized further. Now the plugin comes way lighter in size due to the major changes in code structure. Kudos to our developer, Marie! Particularly the code optimization included correction of secondary HTML and php, addition of prefixes in general options (WP-editors). We have also optimized the javascript query when the form didn’t update the forms if the plugin had more than 100 requests.

Minor bug fixes included the affix of recent button show/hide option. We also fixed reported error in CAPTCHA, corrected unlined function of CAPTCHA error when paged is refreshed, fixed the issue with default date picker of current date in Pro version of the plugin.

Other bug fixes follow

Lightbox Plugin

The new version of the Lightbox plugin includes a new lightbox style view, that comes under the 5th number. It has modern design with minimalistic look, yet advanced functionality. In the screenshot below we have used the social sharing buttons and description in the lightbox that aims to grow further with more advanced functionality next week. Thanks to our developer Rust for timely updates for this plugin.

Photo Gallery:

The new gallery plugin with 8 beautiful views has been updates as well with several bug fixes that follow:

We have fixed the broken shortcode bug that appeared in some issues
Fixed the reported bug with the titles that did not display in Justified View
Fixed the issue on thumbs when on hover it showed default title

Responsive Slider

This guys continues the growth with some nice and user-friendly tools. This week we have added 5 new social sharing buttons including Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Tumblr. But with those social sharing buttons users can not only select the ones they need, but also choose from five skins of those social sharing buttons to appear on front end. We have added both colorful , original logo and black and white skins of the buttons.

Video Gallery:

We have fixed YouTube title autofill bug
In album view fixed fullscreen option (Pro)
Created related video option (Pro)

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