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Huge-IT Updates photo
Huge-IT Updates photo

Productive Week Full of Major Updates in Huge-IT


April started at Team  Huge-IT very productively and with useful changes for our clients. Four plugins had considerable changes: new options and bug fixes have been implemented accordingly. More attention has been paid this week to WordPress Video Gallery and Responsive Slider plugins.


Video Gallery

Our team has made the plugin more responsive and now the videos will appear more beautiful on mobile.

We have fixed the bug with content Slider View where the checked loop content moved the videos to the left and right multiple times.There were some security issues with SQL which have been fixed by adding additional escapes last week. So we’d recommend our Video Gallery plugin users to update to the latest version. Our free users are able to download the latest updates from WordPress, when pro customers will need to write  us.

There was an issue reported by one of our customers where the Video Gallery wasn’t duplicating the quotation marks on project titles and descriptions. The fix has been implemented accordingly.The other issue solved by our developers was where the Video Gallery plugin did not save the title of 2 videos at the same time.


Image Gallery

We have resolved 3 major bugs in Image Gallery plugin on different views coupled with the page issue where it saves zero value. Also our developers added an error message when autoloader works incorrect on older versions of PHP.

Our team has made code optimization in the admin panel of this plugin. We have also optimized the lazy CSS and moved to correct folders.



New option of this plugin will allow to duplicate the gallery.

The conflict of Video Gallery Plugin with portfolio’s FAQ Toggle Up/Down View has been settled in addition we’ve resolved the all dates fields that did not pop at once.

Our devs have fixed the upload files bug, where the users had not been able to upload/load from M. L. One of our clients has reported about bug in forms with Fatal error, and this has been one of fixes of previous week.

Responsive Slider

The new slider functionality in this plugin will allow the users to showcase their posts in slider. Besides fixing minor security issues with SQL by adding additional escapes our developers have also added additional options for thumbnails of the slider.

Multiple bugs including texts and buttons styles on front-end and admin area,the issue where the next video button would stop the next track upon the click and the issue when video info and options were not displayed properly have been fixed.

Our developers have resolved also the bug with description and title to be fixed and not overlay the frame of image.

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