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Stories to inspire: image
Stories to inspire: image

Stories to Inspire: 82 years old engineer who uses WordPress Slider


We love every single customer of ours, even the hardest situations challenge our customer success members as well as our developers and the whole team. This idea moved us to segment and prioritize our loyal customers and give them a platform to share their life story in couple of sentences. Casual and loyal customers come to Huge-IT from different fields and some of stories capture our interest the most.

Today we had a chance to speak with Ed, an 82 years old engineer with a devotion to his job and profession, that is also come to be one of our customers who uses WordPress Slider plugin.

Dear Mr. Ed, we were thrilled to have you at our customer service support. We are launching a new topic in our blog where our customers can share their experience about the usage of our products. You seem to be an interesting individual with some background. An 82 years old engineer must have something to share with the young generation and we’d love to ask you couple questions.

Ed, first of all, we would like you to share couple of thoughts about you and your background.

After graduating from High school, I was hired by a local Manufacturer in their Drafting Section. The Army called me to serve for a few years and then I returned to my Drafting job. Was promoted to Cost Estimator, attended a local University night school and promoted to Marketing Engineer where I learned to use a Computer. After 43 years with same company, I retired in 1994.

How you came across WordPress and what captured you the most in developing websites?

I did not develop the cattarauguscounty/ website. That was done by professionals. In 2006, I was asked to be the editor for the site which was built with WordPress. A few years later, after learning some code, I volunteered to build the Rod & Gun Club website.

How an engineer imagined modern technology back in 50’s and how it appears to you now?

I did not think much about future technology while working in the 50’s. We used a Slide Rule for our calculations until the hand held battery operated calculator was invented. Technology is advancing so fast, it is beyond my ability to even imagine the future.

Could we also ask how you came across our Slider plugin, what did you try to built with it and with what success?

I was asked if I could add a slide show to the airport website and started looking for a plug-in. Tried numerous free Sliders and did not find any with the option to add a Slider border/frame. Huge IT Personal at $15.00 was the least expensive. As you know, success was slowed by Bugs.

What are your expectations about the websites that you are about to launch?

The 2 websites that I maintain were launched years ago and I live 1 day at a time.

This new article will be a warm segment that will express our kind attitude toward our dear customers. Trusted long-term customers are like a family, a Huge Family of ours.

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