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antique furniture photo
antique furniture photo

Stories To Inspire: Antique Furniture Website Made With Slider Plugin


During work experience we caught different websites, people behind them. Some stories inspire us publish behind scenes stories for blog readers. Sometimes products take particular place among top business sites, sometimes in rather small budget stages. Both cases end-product looks awesome.

Tools like Image Slider, Portfolio Gallery, Lightbox were recently used by client making well functional antique goods websites. Thus, such a unique site without any doubt deserved attention to process while creating it. We had very warm conversation with creators team, who made the website go live.

Mr. Weisz could you kindly share some background information, please?

Being founder/CEO of Delaware Valley On Line Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. I started my firm as Major BBS or multi-line bulletin board systems running out home, rooms filled with modems racks where end users would connect.

How did your firm develop? What status does company obtain nowadays?

DVOL began focus on server command also custom programming, web and content development. DVOL became well-known for marketing strategies. Later, focused on educational services, mid-size development.Hosting, design, server management, social media marketing services brought Award-winning reputation.

Do you think plugins used building website may influence on its popularity?

Many our hosting customers use WordPress as comfortable management system of choice for their personal and business websites.Finding functional, reliable product facilitates design led us Huge-IT. More importantly was support level – when required customization that was offered by Huge-IT staff. They have met and exceeded our expectations in the arena.

Which is the most successful plugin within customers?

Slider was great utilizing clients site due to modification level, slider options overlook, easy implement, maintain. It keeps each site looking new, fresh.

Are there any experiences with other plugins usage?

Portfolio Gallery offered great way to organize their product offerings, post online catalogs. This was particularly popular among one of our sites, which is an online auction house. It made organizing process of hundreds cataloging photos each week a breeze.

Including new LightBox product, we now have compatibility across all platforms with both iPhone Android mobile devices. This has been critical in ensuring that our sites were responsive to all users.

Why are you utilizing Slider?

But again, what has continually sold us managing plugins were communication, support willingness build custom integrations when needed. These are reasonable prices making products even more attractive customers. This is rare in industry, especially for plugin developers. Can not recommend Huge-IT and their products enough!

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