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interview photo

Stories to Inspire: How Police Officer Made A Hobby Her Passion


This week Huge-IT Team has the honor to meet the beautiful Joyce, our client and now friend from Netherlands, who not only inspired our team, but continues to amaze many with her creativity and passion. Joyce does not need a long introduction, let her words speak about in this interview of an ex-police officer who has a lot of interesting information to share.

Dear Joyce, from your website it is clear enough that you are really an interesting person, with different hobbies and spheres of activities. But before passing to them, may we kindly ask you to share your background with us?  What profession do you have, what experience and knowledge can you share with your story readers?

I started my professional life being a police officer.During that time a studied the German language at a Dutch university.

I did so because my police work was close to the border with Germany. Speaking and understanding the German language was necessary for making police reports. In my police-period I was a police Porschedriver. The training for the necessary driving skills were very intense. We even trained on a race circuit and got instructions from a professional race car driver. Just great to do such a job.

But everything goes to an end. So also the pol ice Porches. They became to expensive and the government decided to use BMW 520i. But before those cars were introduced, I  resigned from the police because I wanted to study law. And so I did. I passed the exams and became a lawyer for several years. But at a certain time I was fed up of always “fighting” in court and being indoors for office work. So I studied for real estate broker and stsrted my own company. During my broker-time I also was a teacher at a high school, teaching Dutch law. I liked that combination very much.

But this also came to an end when I got physically disabled. I became a wheelchair user. Teaching and broking weren’t possible anymore, but I still had my sitebuilding job. And that I am still doing with much pleasure.

How did you decide to create a website and what kind of difficulties have you faced in the process of its creation?

I started to design and build websites for third parties in 1980. In that time Microsoft Frontpage, Microsoft Expression Web and Dreamweaver were mostly used in the Netherlands.

In those days I was a police officer in the Netherlands and sitebuilding was my hobby.
But soon things changed: many people asked me to build for them.
And so my hobby became my second profession. I was 30 years young then. Now I am 67 years young and still building websites for third parties. But now I have specialized myself in informative websites for associations, clubs, pet breeders, individuals, schools etc. etc.

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Sometimes I even build a site for free for example for small clubs without cash. But now I use WordPress to build all sites. I think WordPress is a very, very good platform for sitebuilding, evidenced by big companies also using WordPress websites.

All the websites are quite unique. What is the main goal of your personal website?
What is your vision to inspire the young generation, to be an example for them or just to share experience and life?

At the moment I have four WordPress websites of myself online:  my personal site,  my professional site for design- and building websitesmy site about jardineparrots,and my site about my hobby macro-art-photography.

Each site of mine has his own purpose. With my personal site I give visitors a wide look into my life, telling about the book I wrote, about my hobbies (piano playing, photography, writing, pets), about my marriage, about my professions (for example I was a police officer driving a Police Porsche), about my macro photography etc etc. For my pets (parrots and a mini schnauzer) I have build a special site.

Very interesting indeed. Could we ask you, what would you advice to your readers?

You can be anything you want! Just go for it and don’t let you stop by any one.

From your hobbies’ page, we see that you have rare and unusual hobbies such us Featherart, High Heels, Piano and others.How did you realize that they are inspiring you and how they turned to your hobbies?

From my youth on I liked photography. And I still do. Because of my physical problems. I cannot make the pictures I want to make. So I specialized in macro-photography. Feather-art is originating from both my parrots Charlotte and Sophie. When they are molding I saw the beautiful feathers and wanted to do something with those feathers to show other people how beautiful they are.

And my high heels? Well I am a woman liking high heels. Nothing special about that. My piano is actually a very good keyboard with a piano inside. At the moment I don’t play any more because of rheumatism in among others my hands.

How did you come up with our plugins? Where they useful for you and did they satisfy your needs and expectations?

Building WordPress websites means also using plugins. So I searched the internet and found Huge-it. I bought just a slider to see if it would suit me. And it did!  Even above my expectations! So the decision was quickly made: I bought the whole package at a very attractive and reasonable price.

Did you ever expect that the IT technologies would reach such results like they have now?

No, I had never thought they would be that good. Just buy them. They really do what is told about them.

Do they help you or not in reaching your aims, dreams, goals?

Huge-IT plugins help me to make my WordPress website more and better functional. Why designing yourself if you can buy it for such reasonable prices?  Why re-inventing the wheel again?

Do you have any fears regarding IT’s impact on the future? If yes, what are they?

IT will be more better in future. I think there will be a time everything being automated. I like technique and IT very much. The more the better…. Of course, everything can be used for the wrong purposes. But that is not my point of view. I like to see the good things of life, including the good things of techniques and IT, now and in the future.

We cannot thank enough you enough,  Joyce, for this  interesting and rich with the ideas and creativity interview. We still will share and remember it, especially the words quoted: “You can be anything you want! Just go for it and don’t let you stop by any one.”

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