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Stories To Inspire: Teaching Is Not A Profession, It’s A Passion


Have you ever met a person for whom teaching is not just a job, but is a goal of life? One of Huge-IT users is a college teacher Anthony Garcia from Arizona. At first sight, seems that there is nothing unusual or especial for sharing this person’s experience, story with others. But his patience, time, efforts, imagination, willingness to have a perfect website definitely caught our attention during time we had a chance to speak by email correspondence. We hope that every reader will pick out something important – valid for them to learn from this inspiring story. This will be a valid continuation to our segment of inspiring stories that are being shared with our friends, clients, users.

To get started Anthony, can you kindly share with us your sphere of activity?

I teach writing for two community colleges in Arizona. I’ve been teaching writing for about five years now. I’m always looking to learn more about practice of writing across various sub fields. Currently, I enjoy learning about creative writing, blogging, digital rhetoric.

How did you get started with building websites; by which criteria do you choose plugins?

First website I remember building was for a final project needed to complete my master’s degree at NAU. I was fortunate that program allowed students to complete a digital project in lieu of a written master’s thesis. Even though website was really just a glorified research essay, it gave me confidence – opened my eyes to many possibilities for what a writer can do with a website.

When I started building, I knew I wanted to arrange my content articles using a grid or gallery format. I found Huge-it Portfolio Gallery plugin. I was impressed with quality, design, affordable price. (It’s mind boggling how affordable it is to build a quality looking website). I was drawn to customization options, different layouts, which made it easy for me to blend it in with site.

What do you think about further development of technology in general?

I hope we continue on path toward more accessibility, affordability, but I also hope, as digital tools become more powerful as well as widespread, that schools are teaching users not just how to use tech, but how to use it responsibility, critically. As exciting as progress has been, I think advances in technology have far outpaced many users’ understanding of how to employ it toward positive ends.

What is the most important thing that IT companies should pay attention to?

IT companies should pay attention to one very important principle:as technology becomes easier to produce, it is not features or capabilities of hardware and software that will best differentiate companies in market; rather, it is the user experience, which is best conveyed through design and communication (e.g., content strategy, documentation, branding, etc.). We are already to this point in a lot of areas. For example, plugin market is saturated with products that have many of the same features. What sets them apart is not tech, but design, style, aesthetic appeal, user experience, way company communicates to customer.

How do you pick developers, websites or companies to work with? How did you find us?

I found Huge-it Portfolio plugin by doing an online search, reading several reviews posted on different websites, blogs. Huge-IT plugin had good reviews – what drew me in where comments about how good support team was.

It turned out that plugin required customization in order to get it to align with goals of my site. Not once during this collaboration was I made to feel like a pest for asking for revisions to design. That’s something I would hope to have with any developer that I work with in the future.

Anthony, is there a plugin that you would like to use on your website but can’t seem to find?

When building a website, you sometimes don’t realize what you’ll need until you need it. I hope to not need any more plugins going forward, but somehow I don’t think that will be the case.

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