Super Jumper

Let us share our fresh start which is full of promises. We are releasing a new game for Android. As mobile gaming is very popular, Huge Bob keeping the tendency in gaming and try to follow them. We are glad to announce our new game called Super Jumper for flashing game lovers.

Super Jumper developed an interesting strategy during the game. It is a fast-paced and adventure game where attention, risk-taking and determination are the essence of the victory.

It’s immediately entertain and amuse the gamers.The player feels real difficulties which make the game more attractive and eager to overcome all obstacles. Be careful with our Jumper, he is fast and smart enough. You should be very attentive to jump and go further without touching the bricks.


Download the game to have fun everywhere and get adrenalin rush during the game by having the highest scores.

In the same time, Huge Bob pays special attention to the design, music and all details in the game.

Don’t hesitate to download the game: Super Jumper

Enjoy Super Jumper, share and exchange with your opinions.

You can leave your reviews, comments, as your opinions are very important for Hugh-Bob and we appreciate your support. Now, it’s time to download and enjoy the game. Follow our blog to get more information about our future news and achievements.

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