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What We Have Achieved This Week


We are meeting the last month of winter with enthusiasm. The spring is out there and with that in mind, we are bringing a lot of positive vibes into the team and the workflow.

Last week has been hard in regards of development of our major products, such as Slider plugin. We are about to launch it with significant changes in the overall code structure of the plugin, that is aimed to help to boost the functionality and usage experience of this awesome guy on user’s websites. Still couple days until we update it in WordPress repository.

Updates: The Image Gallery has a new option called Image Protection, allowing to disable the right click function. This is a handy tool for photographers who are concerns about the privacy and license of their works. Same option will become available in the Catalog plugin in 2 days.

Our newbie the Login for WordPress has couple new options too. That includes an option to set the max-min length of passwords and we have also added style options for the pop-up borders.

In the list of pending updates for this week we have Portfolio Gallery plugin that is going under the final tests and shall include the new advanced lightbox, that is called in the admin area of the plugin as “New Lightbox”. This buddy comes with way more options covering dimensions, giving access to change and adjust slideshow, diggers deep into social sharing icons (comes with 11, including the standard Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and more). We are in the talks to add more advanced functionality to the watermark solution as well. Currently it comes with text, size, position and color modification options as well as allows to have a custom image. Shall we mention the awesome views of the lightbox that are meeting the modern UX/UX design patterns and can bring healthy competition to top websites when viewing their albums and galleries.

Besides that some other bugs of the new lightbox were fixed including the following: A. Fixed the CSS style issues on Safari. B. Fixed the issue in Gallery plugin pop-up views, where the view was opening in new lightbox only. C. Made some style changes in the views of the lightbox. These changes become available today.

We have prepared some exciting news for Form users as well, which will include a new big option that has been required by the users a lot. We plan to finish it during the week.

Team News: Furthermore, the team has welcomed a new digital design specialist. Can’t wait to discuss the delightful projects with her and cooperate fully. We don’t promise, but we will give a try to take the design world by storm with this one. Worth to mention our dear interns who are about to inject fresh blood to the workflow with their awesome ideas, creativity and devotion to their work.

These were the major updates of the past week and we cannot wait to share the news for the next one.

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