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Forms Updates photo
Forms Updates photo

WordPress Forms Plugin Integrates PayPal and Google Maps



WordPress Forms Plugin has new exciting Ready-To-Go Fields and options. Now our   users are able to add Paypal Payment integration to their forms and use Google Maps to their website forms.

The PayPal payment mode offers 2 transaction modes: Sandbox and Live. For testing if the payment mode works the user should choose Sandbox mode, while live mode is for real transactions.

To choose the Payment Mode one needs to go to the General Opts of the Forms Plugin and complete the PayPal options. If the user doesn’t fill the URL fields it redirects to the home page of his website.
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Go to Huge-IT Forms to create a new Form or to add the Paypal Payment in an existing one. Edit the Paypal Field and choose between the Field Types. Our plugin has 4 Field types which are: Textbox, Selectbox, Checkbox, and Radio Box. Each of this fields have different views and Forms users will be able to include in it all the products, services,  or their codes.

The Text box Field gives only one box and consequently there should be only one product or service and its cost. Checkbox field is more comfortable if there are more products than one, as the visitor can select some of them and pay for them with one action.

The select box type is more comfortable if the user does not want to display all the items at once, so the visitor will be able to see the existing items after clicking on Selectbox arrows.

The last Radio Box type displays all the accessible products or services, but the visitor are able to choose just one of them.

Google Maps Integration
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 We have also integrated Google Maps to the Forms Plugin and now our Pro users will be able to set their store or company location in the form. This feature is placed in the Ready-To-Go Fields, after adding it to the Forms, simply click on the pencil and edit the Map.

To pick up the correct location the user will need to find it on Search Box or write the right Latitude and Longitude. Then choose the map size in pixels and select the zoom number, which allows to control the zoom option.

The checkmark near “Draggable” will let the visitor dragging the map from Front end.

The clients may drag the map wherever he/she wants in the form. The Google Map and Paypal fields aren’t accessible in free version, but our pro users who have an active license can write to our support team and get the updated Forms plugin.


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