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  • Fight Club
    Fight Club
  • This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.
  • You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

Joomla Slider FAQ

  • I have paid for pro version and didn’t get the link or file to update

    If you made purchase and didn’t get the file, or file was corrupt, contact us by and send order number, we will check and send you the file as soon as possible

  • I have already purchased Multi Site version, how do I upgrade it to Developer version, without buying it again?

    If you have any pro version of our products and want to upgrade it, you do not need to buy the new one again, you only need to pay the difference price. For example, if you have personal version and need to upgrade to Multi Site, just buy one more personal, and contact us by, send the receipt and we will send Multi Site version, from Multi Site to Developer, just buy one personal, and ask us for Developer version.

  • Is the payment On-Time or per-year,month?

    The payment for the extension is one time and for life.

  • How to install the extension?

    In order to install Slider extension, go: Extensions > extensions manager > choose the zip file > upload > module manager > activate

  • How to install module zip file?

    Extensions > Module Manager > Activate Huge-IT Slider > Choose slider and Position within specific theme (on right panel) > Menu assignment > Choose where to display it.

  • How to Insert Created Slider?

    Menu > Main Menu > page > Select > choose our Slider > Save.

Joomla Slider User Manual

Addition of Huge IT slider extension

To insert Huge-IT slider Extension into your Joomla website please go to the Extensions on the top of your admin panel, here select Manage and click Install button.

In the Upload and Install Joomla Extension section you need to click Choose File button, insert the slider extension and press Upload and Install to complete the installation of the slider package.

PRO version should be installed straight on the FREE version without deleting it, so that you will not lose your changes.


Use of Slider Module

Slider module allows you to manage the slider: You can set it in different positions within your page, as well as you are able to select in which pages to display the slider.


Installing module zip file

To install Huge-IT slider module zip you should go to the Extensions on the top of the admin panel, select Module Manager > Activate Huge IT slider > Choose slider from the list and Position within specific theme (on right panel) > Menu assignment > Choose where to display it.


Insert Created Slider

To insert created slider into your Joomla pages, you should go to Menu on the top of your admin then Main Menu, select the page you wish, Select sliders, Choose our slider and click Save button.


General Options

Title styles and colors

  • Title Width

    Decide the level of the title width for the slider.

  • Title Has Margin

    Enable title has margin option for the slider.

  • Title font size

    Change size of title letters.

  • Title Text Color

    Give your chosen color to the title.

  • Title Text Align

    You can select among Full Width, Center, Left and Right.

  • Title Background Transparency

    Set the level of the title background transparency.

  • Title background color

    This option let you change the color for title container.

  • Title border size

    Select size value for title borders.

  • Title border color

    This option allows to change color for title border.

  • Title border radius

    Here you can pick up radius value for border corners.

  • Title position

    Posit title in your preferable place.


Slider styles and colors

  • Image Behaviour

    This is an important tool for your images, select Natural or Resize

  • Slider background Color

    Pick up background color for extra space of images. (you can see the color in natural mode of images, during slider).

  • Slider border size

    Set size value for your slider borders.

  • Slider Border color

    Pick up color for border of your slider.

  • Slider Border radius

    Select border radius value of your slider.


Description styles and colors

  • Description Width

    Set the level of the slider description width.

  • Description Has Margin

    Enable description has margin option for the slider.

  • Description font size

    Decide size value for the letters of description text.

  • Description Color

    This allow to pick up a color for the text of description in your image.

  • Description Text Align

    You can select among Full Width, Center, Left and Right.

  • Description Background Transparency

    Set the level of the description background transparency

  • Description background color

    Give color for description container of your slider.

  • Description border size

    Here you can customize the size of description border.

  • Description border color

    Give your chosen color to description border.

  • Description border radius

    Select radius value for image description border.

  • Description position

    Place your description container wherever you pick up within slider.

Please check that it doesn’t match the position of the title in order to avoid overloading.


Navigation colors and styles

  • Show Navigation Arrows

    There are numerous navigation arrows to select from.

  • Navigation Dots position

    Choose where to place navigation dots or do not show them at all.

  • Navigation Dots Color

    Pick up prefered color for your navigation dots.

  • Navigation Active Dot Color

    Color of the dot, which currently displays the image.

  • Navigation type

    Pick up one from our stylish list of arrow types.


Joomla Slider


Unlimited Amount Of Images

Create a slider with countless number of images make it look rich, add countless number of sliders as well. All these are possible with Huge-IT Slider.

Custom Options For Each Slider

Each slider can be adjusted using Current Options, which includes the speed, effects, and many other interesting options.Separately from each other, sliders can have their own customization.


Fully Responsive

Slider plugin can be used on different mobile devised as it’s flexible for any screen size. As a very important feature – responsiveness is on title and description of the slider as well.

Title And Description

Title and Description can be added to all images within the slider, it will beautifully overlay on the slider image with slightly transparent background.


Dosen Of Style Options

In general options of Huge-IT Slider you can find a number of various settings, to make slider look and act even better.


Youtube Slides

Slide all your YouTube videos using our fancy Slider plugin. Very easy add the links of the youtube videos, make some adjustments and enjoy watching them and scrolling with beautiful effects.


Vimeo Slides

Create a slider with your Vimeo videos. It’s very easy – insert the video link into the slider and slide each video with different effects and other modern features.