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The offer will last a month, you only have to pay the annual fee for the domain and hosting. Don't miss your chance to represent your business properly in the world wide web.

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The team Huge-IT constantly follows the latest trends and applies the latest innovations of web technology and design. This gives the opportunity to develop sites of its users - actively influencing new web visitors and helps to expand sales.

Quality is fundamental value of the company, therefore, we follow the quality standards, we try to expand our business in various industries preliminarily studying the demand and needs. In the future it is planned to open branches in different regions of the country.

Independently from future growth, our services will be offered at the most competitive price and will be available for companies of all sizes. Below you can familiarize with our six main services. For more information You can contact us by e-mail.

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Development of high-quality websites in short terms.
Game Development
Comprehensive and multi-functional game with high quality graphics.
Search Engine Optimization
Website Optimization - sites for improved display in search engines.
Internet Marketing
Fast brand and product promotion in online environment.
Graphic Design
Introducing the latest technologies in design
3D, Flash Graphics
Using a three-dimensional graphics to create interactive websites.
  • Quick, efficient and price-friendly.

  • Great attention to details. Details are important.

  • Low prices due to ready-to-go solutions.

  • Cooperation for mutual development.

Wordpress Plugins

Huge IT develops and offers a number of WordPress plugins which will serve as ideal additions for enhancing your website.

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