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WordPress Slider Plugin

Huge IT Slider is a quick and easy way to add custom sliders to the WordPress websites (both to templates and posts/pages).The slider allows having unlimited amount of images with their titles and descriptions.


Unlimited Amount Of Images

Create a slider with countless number of images make it look rich, add countless number of sliders as well. All these are possible with Huge-IT Slider.

Custom Options For Each Slider

Each slider can be adjusted using Current Options, which includes the speed, effects, and many other interesting options.Separately from each other, sliders can have their own customization.



Fully Responsive

Slider plugin can be used on different mobile devised as it’s flexible for any screen size. As a very important feature – responsiveness is on title and description of the slider as well.

Title And Description

Title and Description can be added to all images within the slider, it will beautifully overlay on the slider image with slightly transparent background.



Custom URL For Each Slide

When adding an image in Slider, you can make it so it links to a specific page. URL link for each image, and works on image click.

A Dosen Style Options

In general options of Huge-IT Slider you can find a number of various settings, to make slider look and act even better.



Post Slides

Using Post Slide you can slide your posts in our beautiful slider, using posts by category or just recent posts from all categories.

Youtube Slides

Slide all your YouTube videos using our fancy Slider plugin. Very easy add the links of the youtube videos, make some adjustments and enjoy watching them and scrolling with beautiful effects.



Vimeo Slides

Create a slider with your Vimeo videos. It’s very easy – insert the video link into the slider and slide each video with different effects and other modern features.

16 Navigation Buttons Style

We have collected a large selection of different navigation arrow types, to fit any design of your website.



Thumbnails Navigation

Navigate images and videos in slider using thumbnail images, it this super feature you can see previous and next slide before sliding.

We Appriciate Every Single Opinion

  • Fast Support. Contacted by email and they responded very quickly - on Christmas Eve. Wanted to get an autoplay option for video in the slider and they said they would put it right now. Easy to use. Good quality.
  • I was struggling with a slider and decided to look for a different plug in from the one that was bundled with the theme. I found this - and within 5 minutes I had the slider up and running. Thre are a couple of tweaks I wanted to implement and emailed the developers. Prompt and effective support got the slider working just as I wanted. The way support should be! Massive thumbs up!
  • Excellent plugin with lot's of config options even in free version.
  • Yes, this is a great plug-in. All you need to do is make image galleries and then plug them into any place you'd like on your site. Its easy to find your own style of presentation, and adjust it so that it suits you and your needs.
  • I downloaded the paid version and had some trouble as the free version was still connected. I contacted the support email, they got back to me within a day to help me! They provided comprehensive help until the problem was solved. They even helped code an extended autoplay version for my wordpress site. They went beyond what I asked.
  • Perfecte slider! Ook goede services bij extra opties. De marges rondom de slider zijn in overleg aangepast. Ontwikkelaar, bedankt!
  • Really amazing slider and great support! 5 Stars!
  • I installed this as I couldn't get the others to work in the way that I wanted - and the Huge IT slider provided exactly what I was looking for. It's less confusing than some of the other options out there... I recommend this, and it's FREE! Thanks Huge IT.
  • As a web designer, I have made use of this Plugin on several of my websites and recommend it to all my friends and clients.
  • been searching a good working slider plugin for a long time. this plugin has everything i need, u can add post, picture and even video sliders. plugin is very simple to use and works fine.
  • I love the simplicity of this slider Clients can quickly and easily add slides, drag and drop to re-order. One of the easiest to set up and use. Highly recommended :) Great job developer ! Thank you



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