WordPress Lightbox User Manual

Adding a Lightbox

To add a lightbox in your website you just need to install and activate lightbox plugin and its done.


Use Both images and Videos in Lightbox.

Except images you also can insert youtube or vimeo link to show your videos in lightbox. In your post click -insert media and -insert from URL. Add the link, give a title or image to click and open the video.


General Options of Lightbox

This section will allow to make changes of the Lightbox’s settings. Most of the view options allow styling and multi coloring.


  • Lightbox style.

    choose the style of your popup.

  • Transition type.

    Set the way of opening the popup.

  • Opening speed.

    Set the speed of opening the popup in milliseconds.

  • Closing speed.

    Set the speed of closing the popup in milliseconds.

  • Show the title.

    Choose whether to display the content title.

  • Overlay transparency.

    Change the level of popup background transparency.

  • Auto open.

    Choose for automatically opening the firs content after reloading.

  • Overlay close.

    Choose to close the content by clicking on the overlay.

  • ESC close.

    Choose to close the content with esc button.

  • Keyboard navigation.

    Set to change the images with left and right buttons.

  • Loop content.

    If “true” give the ability to move from the last image to the first image while navigation.

  • Show close button.

    Choose whether to display close button.



  • Fixed position.

    If “true” the popup does not change it’s position while scrolling up or down.

  • Popup position.

    Set the position of popup.



  • Popup size fix.

    Choose to fix the popup width and high.

  • Popup maxwidth.

    Set unfix content max width.

  • Popup maxheigh.

    Set unfix max high.

  • Popup initial heigh.

    Set the initial high of opening.

  • Popup initial width.

    Set the initial size of opening.



  • Slideshow.

    Select to enable slideshow.

  • Slideshow interval.

    Set the time between each slide.

  • Slide show auto start.

    If “true” it works automatically.

  • Slideshow start button text.

    Set the text on start button.

  • Slideshow stop button text.

    Set the text of stop button.


Lightbox Watermark styles

  • Show Watermark Image.

    Select the option to enable watermark on the image.

  • Lightbox Watermark position.

    Place the watermark in 8 different positions within the lightbox.

  • Lightbox Watermark Width.

    Set the width size of the watermark image.

  • Lightbox Watermark Transparency.

    Choose the transparency level for the watermark image.

  • Select watermark image.

    Click on “Upload Image” and you may add the image of your watermark.


WordPress Lightbox FAQ

  • How to install the PRO version of Lightbox?

    In order to install pro version of the plugin, simply follow these steps: delete your free version > install the zip file | Plugins > add new > upload plugin > clean your cache files |ctrl+f5|.

    Don’t be afraid of deleting free version, because you will NOT lose your created portfolios.

  • I have paid for pro version and didn’t get the link or file to update

    If you made purchase and didn’t get the file, or file was corrupt, contact us by info@huge-it.com and send “order number”, we will check and send you the file as soon as possible

  • Have purchased pro version still get the announcement to buy the commercial version to change settings. What to do ?

    This can happen because of your browser’s cache files. Press ctrl+f5 (Chrome, FF) in order to clean them, if you use safari, etc., clean from browser settings

  • I’ve bought the commercial license, installed the file but the Plugin seems to be still in free version, what to do?

    After installation of pro version, in General Options all your changes will be saved! If you still see “free version” notification after installation of pro version 1) try to clean your cache files if this will not help 2) delete, and install the plugin again

  • I have multy sites, and the plugin works only on one, but not other sites, why?

    If you use multi site (have number of sites) when you install a plugin in main site, it will not work on other sites. In order it could work there too, you should. 1) deactivate the plugin from main site 2) go to the other sites and activate it there one by one 3) after all will be activated, go back to your main site and activate it

  • Will I lose all my changes that I made in free version, if I update to pro version?

    All kind of changes made in free version will remain, even if you delete the plugin

  • How to see the title of the image in lightbox?

    In order to add name to your image and see it in lightbox. Add attribute title=”X” in tag of image code, where X is the name, Set “show the title” from Lightbox Options

  • I have already purchased Multi Site version, how do I upgrade it to Developer version, without buying it again?

    If you have any pro version of our products and want to upgrade it, you do not need to buy the new one again, you only need to pay the difference price. Contact info@huge-it.com and we will charge you the difference price.

  • How to get a copy of most recent version ?

    Pro users can get update versions contacting us by info@huge-it.com. Free version users will find update notification in their wordpress admin panel.

WordPress Lightbox Demo

Image Lightbox


Text Link Lightbox

You may use simple text links for image popup Click Here
For Youtube popup Click Here
And of course for Vimeo popup Click Here

Image Link Lightbox For Videos


WordPress Lightbox

Adaptive Construction

Lightbox plugin is highly adaptive. It adapts to the type of device displaying the page. This very important feature creates mobile-friendly content of your website.

fully responsive

5 Lightbox Views

Make your images popup more perfect using different lightbox types. They are 5 nice lightbox types. So you have ability to fit the design of the lightbox to the design of your website.



Customization Settings

Lightbox plugin offers a powerful selection of Customization’s, available as in free and pro version. If you’re running free version and would like to review the premium offer, navigate to General Options to see all of them.

Youtube Popup

If you include any YouTube video link in your website, then lightbox plugin can also work with that link. Watch your videos in pleasant way.



Vimeo Popup

Besides YouTube you can make Vimeo link work with Lightbox. All your vimeo video links will be automatically displayed in lightbox.