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25 March 2015
Matt Mullenweg

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WordPress Share Buttons FAQ

  • How to install the PRO version of Share Buttons?

    In order to install pro version of the plugin, simply follow these steps: delete your free version > install the zip file | Plugins > add new > upload plugin > clean your cache files |ctrl+f5|.

    Don’t be afraid of deleting free version, because you will NOT lose your created portfolios.

  • I have paid for pro version and didn’t get the link or file to update

    If you made purchase and didn’t get Share Buttons file, or file was corrupt, contact us by info@huge-it.com and send “order number”, we will check and send you the file as soon as possible

  • Have purchased pro version still get the announcement to buy the commercial version to change settings. What to do ?

    This can happen because of your browser’s cache files. Press ctrl+f5 (Chrome, FF) in order to clean them, if you use safari, etc., clean from browser settings

  • I see to share buttons on my page

    If you see two share buttons on your page, that means you added shortcode without turning off “show share buttons” on that page. Plugin automatically adds share buttons in the page, so no need to add shortcode again

  • Share Buttons shares another image from the page

    Which image share buttons will share depends on the configurations of the page. Put setting correct to be able to share the right one.

  • Will I lose all my changes that I made in free version, if I update to pro version?

    All kind of changes made in free version will remain, even if you delete the plugin

  • I have already purchased Multi Site version, how do I upgrade it to Developer version, without buying it again?

    If you have any pro version of our products and want to upgrade it, you do not need to buy the new one again, you only need to pay the difference price. Contact info@huge-it.com and we will charge you the difference price.

  • I’ve bought the commercial license, installed the file but the Plugin seems to be still in free version, what to do?

    After installation of pro version, in General Options all your changes will be saved! If you still see “free version” notification after installation of pro version 1) try to clean your cache files if this will not help 2) delete, and install the plugin again

  • How, to remove share buttons from some pages?

    On the right panel of each page, there is a check box, to turn off the share buttons from that page.

WordPress Share Buttons User Manual


Basic Options

  • Share Buttons Social Medias

    Choose the social websites, from this list, that you want to display in your post.

  • Share Buttons size

    Set the size for the Share icons.

  • Button Position

    Select the position of the buttons on your webpage.

  • Share Buttons With Shares Count

    The counter will allow you to see the number of shares.


Buttons style

  • Share Button Style suggests various display style of buttons to show on you website/blog.


Share Buttons Block

  • Block Has Background

    Choose to have background for the Share Buttons.

  • Block Background Color

    Select the color for background.

  • Block Border Size

    Set the size of the border.

  • Block Border Color

    Choose the color of your border.

  • Block Border Radius

    Choose the radius for border corners.

  • Margin From Content

    Set the margin of buttons from your content.


Share Buttons Title

  • Title Text

    Write a text for your share buttons.

  • Title Position

    Choose the position of the text.

  • Title Font Size

    Set the font size for the title.

  • Title Color

    Choose a color for the title.

  • Title Font Style(Family)

    Set Font style for title text.


Buttons Custom Styles

  • Margin Between Buttons

    Set the distance between buttons.

  • Buttons Has Background

    Choose whether to have background for the buttons.

  • Buttons Background Padding

    Choose the padding size for buttons’ background.

  • Buttons Background Color

    Select background color.

  • Buttons Border Size

    Buttons Border Size.

  • Buttons Border Style

    Choose a style for border of the share button.

  • Buttons Border Color

    Select a color for buttons’ border.

  • Buttons Border Radius

    Set radius for buttons’ border corners.

*all changes will be displayed next to the options in demo content


Inserting Share buttons

  • In order to insert Share buttons into your post go >Edit Post >Tick on Share buttons. And you will see your buttons on every post, where it was selected.

  • Copy/Past the shortcode and REPLACE INTO the post.


WordPress Share Buttons