Internet Marketing

Internet marketing refers to the section "advertising and marketing", which includes the use of Web and e-mail for direct sales , e-commerce, and also the promotion of the product with the help of online advertising, of various special offers and in social networks.


Internet marketing and online advertising usually are used in conjunction with traditional forms of advertising such as radio, television, Newspapers and magazines.

Internet marketing can be divided into specialized fields such as Web marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing.

Web marketing includes e-commerce web sites, affiliated marketing websites, advertising or informative websites, Internet advertising search engines and organic search results with search engine optimization.

Email marketing includes the delivery of advertisements and advertising -marketing texts with the help of e-mail messages, the delivery of special promotional offers to current and potential customers.

Social media marketing involves advertising and marketing (including viral marketing) promotion of sites in the social network Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, G+, VK and Digg.

We will offer to our clients an individual advice about how are working different types of internet marketing, their strengths and weaknesses. It will help the clients to choose the most appropriate method for them.