Company theme for WordPress is the new ultimate solution for corporate stages, business platforms, marketing as well as educational solutions. Company is user-friendly. It’s responsive layout will allow to create stunning content right away. Full width homepage slider will capture the attention of every visitor. It is SEO optimized. Retina ready display showcases high quality images at their best. You will be able to use rich customizable options, navigate between font, color, sidebar menus and more.


Download beautiful WordPress theme to create your own websites easely. Both Free and Premium WordPress Company theme solutions are found here. Choose the plan fitting you the best and start right away.

Available Usage License
Customer Support
Image Lightbox
Built-in Widgets
SEO Ready
Social Media Buttons
Layout Customization
Child Theme Support
Color Customization
Typography Customization
Full-width Slider
Contact Form
Google Maps Integration
Ready-to-go Shortcodes
Additional Page Templates
Homepage Layout Customization
Footer Customization Options


Unlimited Websites
Only Bug Fixes


1 Website
6 Months

Multi Site

5 Websites
1 Year


Unlimited Websites
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  • Theme Overview
  • User Manual
    • seo-optimized

      Seo Optimization

      Highly seo optimized.

    • logo builder

      Live Preview

      Customize theme immediately checking with live preview

    • shortcode ready

      Ready To Go Shortcodes

      Quickly shortcode addition.

    • google maps integrated

      Integrated Google Maps

      Nice map tool in your website.

    • fonts colors

      Customizable Fonts and Colors

      Personalize fonts and colors of any component.

    • brrrr

      Social Icons

      Integrated and smart social icons.

  • Start

    Installing Company Theme via wordpress interface

    • Go to Dashboard > Appearance > Themes
    • Click on “Add New”
    • Search for the “Company” Theme.
    • Click on ‘install’ and activate the theme

    Installing Company Theme Offline

    • Download a Copy of Company Theme from or WordPress
    • You’ll get “” file save it in your computer.
    • Go to Dashboard > Themes > Click on “Add New”
    • Click on “Upload Theme”
    • Browse for the theme you’ve downloaded (“Company”)
    • Click on “install”
    • And Activate the theme

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    Site Identity

    The first steps of customizing your the theme settings Start by adding logo of your company or a title/tagline in header part of the theme

    Header Display

    • Logo
    • Title/Tagline

    Start by adding logo of your company or a title/tagline in header part of the theme

    Site Icon

    The Site Icon is used as a browser and app icon for your site. Icons must be square, and at least 512px wide and tall.


    Change background colors, or add custom background image for different parts of your site. It’s available for:

    • Body Background
    • Header Background
    • Sidebar Background
    • Footer Background
    • 404 Page Background

    All of them has additional options;

    Background color. Pick up a color for the background

    Background image. Upload your custom image. While uploading the image you enable the following options for it:

    • Background Repeat.

      • No repeat
      • Tile
      • Tile Horizontally
      • Tile Vertically
    • Background Position

      • Left
      • Center
      • Right

    Colors (PRO)

    Give colorful design to your site configuring colors of different elements. You may change color on:

    • Title Color
    • Tagline Color
    • Text Color
    • Header Menu Color
    • Header Menu Hover Color
    • Header Menu Active Color
    • Header Menu Hover
    • h1 Heading Color
    • h2 Heading Color
    • h3 Heading Color
    • h4 Heading Color
    • h5 Heading Color
    • h6 Heading Color

    Fonts (PRO)

    Adjust most preferable and good looking font type and font size on different parts of the website. Work with fonts on:

    • Header Title Font Size
    • Header Title Font Family
    • Header Tagline Font Size
    • Header Tagline Font Family
    • Texts Font Size
    • Texts Font Family
    • Links Font Size
    • Links Font Family
    • h1 Heading Font Size
    • h1 Heading Font Family
    • h2 Heading Font Size
    • h2 Heading Font Family
    • h3 Heading Font Size
    • h3 Heading Font Family
    • h4 Heading Font Size
    • h4 Heading Font Family
    • h5 Heading Font Size
    • h5 Heading Font Family
    • h6 Heading Font Size
    • h6 Heading Font Family


    From this section you may change display and layout settings.

    • Allow Full Width Sections. Enable or disable full-width layout for the theme
    • Content Max Width. Choose the maximal width for the content
    • Sidebar Width. Choose the width size for the sidebar

    Next you will see layout models of different parts.
    Choose the most preferable layout for:

    • Homepage
    • Pages
    • Category
    • Single Post


    Here start configuration on your Home page. It consists of:

    Welcome Section.

    Show Welcome Section. Enable welcome section or not

    Welcome Section Page. Choose the page which will be shown straight under the main slider

    Services Section.

    Show Service Section. Enable Service Section or hide it

    Select Service Category. 4 latest posts from the chosen Category will be shown As Service Posts section

    Google Maps.

    Show Map In Footer. Enable or Disable map on the footer

    Map Zoom. Set initial zoom level on map

    Marker Address. Set the exact correct marker address

    Marker Latitude. Set the marker address using latitude parameter

    Marker Longitude. Set the marker address using longitude parameter

    Map Hue. Pick up preferable hue of the map

    Lightness. Decide lightness level of the map

    Saturation. Decide saturation level of the map

    Gamma. Decide gamma level of the map


    Here you can find setting for the big Slider on the home page. It’s simple slide with a few options:

    • Pause time.Interval between each slide
    • Change speed.The speed of the fade effect

    Press on “Add Image” to upload new image to the slider, hover on the image you will see a pencil then CLICK and start writing:

    • Title
    • Description
    • URL Link
    • Open in new tab or not
    • Button Text

    Top Posts

    On Home Page you will see a section for Top Posts.
    Choose to see Category Posts or Custom Links

    Category Post

    Here just choose which category, and demonstrate top posts from that category

    Custom Links

    It includes 3 Posts

    • First Post
    • Second Post
    • Third Post

    In each post you should choose icon, add title, which is seen under the icon, description text and URL link, which will be opened once you click on the post


    From this section configure navigation type of the main menu

    Navigation Type

    • Fixed. Transparent on slider but with background while you scroll down
    • Floating.Has background on the slider and disappears while scroll down
    • Absolute.Transparent on slider and disappears while you scroll down

    Select to :

    • Display Searchbox in navigation menu or not
    • Display Scroll To Top button or not


    Click on Get Your recaptcha key and get your Public and Private key numbers, using this you may add captcha to the default contact form which integrated in the theme

    Footer Layout. Choose the most appropriate footer layout for your site

    Show Contact Form. In the Footer you may include contact form ( an important condition: recaptcha keys are required!)

    Then fill the fields below:

    • E-mail Address. Your email address
    • Your Recaptcha Public Key. Get this key from the “get your recaptcha key” link
    • Your Recaptcha Private Key. Get this key from the “get your recaptcha key” link
    • Attribution text. Copyright information and links


    Add navigation menus to your website. Click on “Add a Menu”

    • Give title to it
    • Add items to your menu
    • Menu locations. Select to see it as current main menu


    In this section you may add a few social links in the footer area of your theme. Among them:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Google+
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Vimeo
    • Digg
    • StumbleUpon
    • Myspace


    Default Sidebar. This is the sidebar chosen from Layouts section, where you may add your widgets pressing on +Add a Widget button

    Fill the other sidebars, the one which is active

    • Right Sidebar
    • Left Sidebar
    • Footer Widget Area 1
    • Footer Widget Area 2
    • Footer Widget Area 3
    • Footer Widget Area 4

    Static Front Page

    The theme supports a static front page.It can display “Your latest posts” or “a static page”

Fully Responsive

Our theme can be adjusted automatically on any device screens, let it be Desktop, NoteBook, NetBook, iPad, iPhone, Tablet, Android Phone or any other visual devices

iphone isometric



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