Best Joomla Portfolio Extensions

Anyone who owns a site knows how hard it is to find the right extensions for having a professional and good-looking interface, to seize the visitors attention to come back. Those who are addicted to the art and professional photography, or, for example, want to create original design portfolio site should pick up the most appropriate portfolio extension.Well, then keep up with us to explore the best ones.

Joomla is a great platform where you can find thousands of extensions; you just need to choose one for you. With so many portfolios it is sometimes hard to decide which is the right one for your website. We have gathered the best portfolio extensions with their main features, which can help you to select the right one.

Portfolio Gallery

Joomla Portfolio Gallery

Huge-IT Portfolio is specially made to create the impressive portfolio. It is flexible, has responsiveness for opening on various devices, gives the ability to create the unlimited portfolio, add the enormous amount of images. Huge-It suggests seven incredible views to exhibit the pictures and videos of the portfolio, write title and description and make color changes.

Advanced Portfolio Pro


This portfolio is easy to manage, you have the ability to add tags and divide the images into categories, supports watermark effect for the pictures, provides customizable layout. The portfolio created with this extension will make the visitors enjoy and get excited by them.

JUX Portfolio


At first sight, you can see the images in a row, when hovering on the picture you see the category name, title, link button and the images open with a nice popup. You have the opportunity entirely control the portfolio, separate the projects with the help of pagination and Load More button, open the portfolio in different browsers and devices. So you have all chances to create one of the eye-catching portfolios for your Joomla site.

RPC Responsive Portfolio


This extension displays a picture in several different styles and possibilities. RPC is an excellent extension, which suggests many useful features for the Joomla users. With this extension, you will have an attractive portfolio to show your visitors. The main advantages are the following: responsiveness- ability to open the portfolio on various devices, add multiple images and videos, you can change the ordering by drag and drop option, create an unlimited number of portfolios.

SP Portfolio


SP portfolio is another extension to use in your Joomla platform. This helps you to create a portfolio with your favorite images; it allows to open the images with nice popup create for them categories, insert link button to take project’s page, write description and title.

Keen IT Responsive Portfolio


Keen IT Portfolio is a powerful tool, which is here to help you show your images in a beautiful way.Turn your website into the fascinating portfolio; Keen IT shows the pictures in the portfolio when hovering images you see category name, zoom icon and the link icon, which directs you to read more detail about the project.

Beautiful Portfolio


Beautiful Portfolio suggested useful tools to have an impressive portfolio, add images, then write for them a title and description, if you have additional links then insert it next to the picture to direct your visitors to the other website.Change the picture size and do much more customization. With the customization, you can make the portfolio perfect.

WS Portfolio

Next extension in the list is WS Portfolio, which is flexible and easy to use. The extension helps to demonstrate the images in a nice way, to create more than 50 portfolios, set up filters, control link tags. Install the extension in a few minutes, add the images to the portfolio and give them headlines and texts.

TLP Portfolio


For your image demonstration, you can choose Tech Lab Pro portfolio. It is one of the best ways to demonstrate the pictures, it has a minimalistic view, add your images, write the title for them, if your images need to distribute some information, then there is a place for it as well. Divide the pictures into several categories, add URL and make color changes and enjoy the result.

Sponsor Wall

This Joomla extension is another way to represent your images for making your website more attractive and grab the visitors attention. Make your platform fantastic and beautiful with the WS Portfolio. It has eye-catching effects, responsive design, counter click option, due to this option you are allowed to watch the amount of the click on your projects.

Joomla is a platform, where you are free to create interesting contents with the help of extensions. Select the Portfolio, which suits the best to beautify your website, to make it more fresh and professional. Joomla Platform can give the powerful tools to make your site the excellent and exciting, to exhibit your content in a pretty way. So keep up with us to be me more informed.

Huge-IT Google Map and WPML competibality

We are glad to inform about Huge-IT Google Map and WPML compatibility. WPML is a multilingual plugin, which helps WordPress users to run their websites in different languages. WPML allows you to write and translates your contents in different languages.

Huge-IT Google Map is very easy and efficient plugin to create interactive Google Maps. With Huge-IT Google Map plugin you can show your location to your customers and visitors in a nice and easy way and now with translation it become more easy to use.

WPML is continuing to be compatible with our plugins, now Huge-IT Google Map plugin is on the list as well.

See here: Google Map

We are going to continue our cooperation with WPML, wait for another plugins integration as well.

WordPress Theme – Company

Huge-IT presents its first minimalist theme for WordPress, called Company. The Company is prepared for the different type of websites and blogs. This is a flexible, user-friendly and perfectly designed theme to get enjoy and amaze your visitors, customers, and clients. It has powerful features, and responsiveness, which is a must have. Huge-IT Company has been created with the latest design trend inspiration. Let’s experience this awesomeness and to explore more features in Company theme. We believe you will love WordPress Company theme at first sight.


Responsive design

With responsiveness, everyone will have access to your nicely designed theme everywhere and every time.


Use images for the background or change the colors
Body, Header, Sidebar, Footer, 404 Page


Choose one of the appropriate layouts which will suit best for your website.


Set among three navigation type

Static Front Page

Latest posts or a static page

Find out the whole effectiveness of the theme features, do a huge amount of changes according to your taste and demand.

Download Huge-IT WordPress Company here: Company theme

With Company theme, you will have the most wonderful home page, About Us, Contact Us, Blog and many more pages, for attracting your visitors to come back.

Huge-IT Company theme is a great solution for building your professional WordPress website. Company theme is flexible, clean, easy to use. Do not hesitate to approach the Company demo and see how excellent it is. Experience Company theme on your website and enjoy the perfect look of your professional website or blog. It suggests the users do more things easily and share their amazing website on different social networks, to be more accessible.

So, Huge-IT Company theme suggests both free and commercial versions for the users, with the commercial version you will have more opportunities.

New Features on Huge-IT WordPress Forms

We are glad to inform you that Huge-IT added new features on its WordPress Forms plugin. These new features are available only for pro version users. One of the most effective features about Huge-IT WordPress Forms is that most users will be able to create necessary forms for their websites by using Ready-To-Go Fields. It allows users to apply already created forms in their websites, in order to save more time and energy. Let’s explore this great features and see what for they are and how to use.

Full Name

The advantage of the Full Name is that the users can find already created Name and Surname side by side. You will be able to choose Label Position, change Name, and Surname Placeholders, set the fields to be active or required.


Here you can find the comprehensive name of countries and list of all country phone codes with its flag by default. Change the position and label name as well.


You do not have to fill in countries and state names, here find the whole lists of different countries with its states names. You can use address lists making it easier to find the recipients and resources you want.

Policy Agreement

So, if you need to inform about your intentions, conditions and allow your customers and visitors to agree or disagree with your principles of leading your business, use already ready made Policy Agreement filed in a few seconds.


One of the advantages is that you can directly choose one of the elegant themes to complete your view.Let’s imagine, that you have a shop and want to sell your products online, in this case, you just need to know your customer address for the shipping, here comes Huge-IT Ready-To-Go Fields.

These new fields are made for the better experience of the users. Find the best solutions by adding different Forms, to make your WordPress website more professional and attractive. With Huge-IT WordPress Forms find the best and smart solutions for your WordPress site. Wait for our new updates soon. WordPress Forms is very easy, fast and effective. Try it now.

Best WordPress Forms

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for building a website easily. It suggests different plugins and themes, to help the users to create professional and good-looking websites. It is impossible to create a fully functioning modern website without using a form builder plugin. In this article, we have selected the 6 best form maker plugins for WordPress, so you can easily pick a contact form in WordPress.

Huge-IT WordPress Forms


Huge-IT WordPress Forms is the best functionality plugin for creating the most powerful and attractive form for your website. It allows you to customize, edit, make necessary changes at all fields according to your needs and demands. Huge-IT Forms plugin has “Live Preview” function, due to which you see the changes immediately. It has a responsive design which is a must have and suggests different stylish themes, in order to select the best fitting form design for your website. Huge-IT Forms is flexible, easy to use, admin panel is user-friendly.

Form Maker

banner-772x250 (3)

Form Maker plugin is one of the best plugins for creating the form which will best suit for your site. With Web-Dorado Form Builder plugin you can have more solutions, they offer free and paid versions. The plugin allows you to set colors and fonts parameters, as well as, it suggests different customizable themes.The personal version suggests an unlimited number of form fields and Google Maps API Integration.

Contact Form 7

banner-772x250 (4)

Contact Form 7, is one of the popular free WordPress form maker plugins. You can manage multiple contact forms and customize them as well. It has a simple interface and allow you to choose from 16 different pre-defined fields, such as CAPTCHA, file uploads, telephone numbers, email addresses and many others.

Formidable Forms


Formidable forms is another plugin, which enables you to create forms with a simple drag and drop interface. Formidable Forms suggests many interesting features in free and personal versions, send unlimited email notifications, import and export forms with XML, create forms from existing templates and add your own. Insert your forms on a page, post, or widget using a shortcode.

Visual Form Builder

banner-772x250 (1)

Next Form Maker plugin is Visual Form Builder, which helps the users to create different interesting forms very fast and easy, without writing PHP, CSS, or HTML. The main features are the following, drag-and-drop reordering, shortcode works in any post or page, multiple field layout options. Visual Form Builder is a simple and affordable form maker in WordPress platform.

Breezing Forms

banner-772x250 (2)

And the last form maker plugin is Breezing Forms. It is made for beginners and experts. Create contact forms or any kind of form you can think of. They suggest both free and commercial versions. This is a newer plugin, which offers a lot of features: Unlimited Fields in Pro Version (up to 5 fields in free version)Responsive forms, Multi-step / multi-page forms. Use it to create simple contact forms, feedback forms, payment forms or complex forms.

Thus, all the WordPress form builder plugins suggest free versions for your trial. You can test it and see which one suits for your website the best. Of course, the premium versions are more convenient for having the best form and using all the advantages of the plugin.If you are creating forms quite often, it makes sense to have a form builder plugin installed on your WordPress site.

Super Jumper

Let us share our fresh start which is full of promises. We are releasing a new game for Android. As mobile gaming is very popular, Huge Bob keeping the tendency in gaming and try to follow them. We are glad to announce our new game called Super Jumper for flashing game lovers.

Super Jumper developed an interesting strategy during the game. It is a fast-paced and adventure game where attention, risk-taking and determination are the essence of the victory.

It’s immediately entertain and amuse the gamers.The player feels real difficulties which make the game more attractive and eager to overcome all obstacles. Be careful with our Jumper, he is fast and smart enough. You should be very attentive to jump and go further without touching the bricks.


Download the game to have fun everywhere and get adrenalin rush during the game by having the highest scores.

In the same time, Huge Bob pays special attention to the design, music and all details in the game.

Don’t hesitate to download the game: Super Jumper

Enjoy Super Jumper, share and exchange with your opinions.

You can leave your reviews, comments, as your opinions are very important for Hugh-Bob and we appreciate your support. Now, it’s time to download and enjoy the game. Follow our blog to get more information about our future news and achievements.

Bye bye 2015

So, 2015 is coming to its end and it is already New Year, which is ready to give us magical moments. 2015 has been a great year for Huge-IT company. In this blog post, we will summarize what Huge-IT team have done the whole year.It is an amazing thing when you look back and see that hard work gives its results, which is the key for the success.

christmas-postWordPress Plugins and Joomla Extensions

Huge-IT developers create new plugins and extensions for WordPress and Joomla users. Huge-IT high-quality plugins and extensions offering site owners solutions for everything. We have created 11 WordPress plugins and 8 Joomla extensions. They all are flexible, easy to use and are made for helping you to reach your desired result.

We offer the users free and commercial versions for their trial. All the plugins have stylish and modern design, friendly admin panel and of course, with the help of Huge-IT Plugins you can create your own site.

Expect from us new plugins with a lot of interesting updates in 2016.


As you know, Huge-IT entered the word of games, the first project was Huge Bob with its flashing games website. The next step was android games, despite the concurrence in this sphere we are going further and in 2016, we will continue game development. At the beginning of the year, you will have the opportunity to get to know our new android games.

Huge-IT Beta

One more important activity is that Huge-IT changed the website essentially. It became more professional with the trendy design solution. The website gets friendly interface, easy navigation and with eye-catching colors. Added “Live Support” which is aimed to answer all the questions and help the users faster.


With design we updated our blog too, now we will share all our news on our blog, make you know about new features of plugins and share with you the most important tricks that we got during this year.

What to wait from us

In order, to be informed all about our news and concept projects subscribe in the form of the right part. We will share all the latest news with our subscribers before posting the information on the blog. As being a big family, we need opinions and feedbacks from each of you before launching the projects. Anyway, projects will be much more interesting and demanded, funny and important. We will satisfy any of our followers.

We all need to have a great Holidays and clear our mind from issues, as this 2016 year is going to be more amazing, creative and professional for Huge-IT team. Realize new projects, new ideas and achieve new heights. Follow us on Facebook Twitter, be a part of our huge family from this new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hip Hip Hooray!

WordPress Forms Plugin Launched

It is impossible to run a successful website without having a contact with the visitors or customers. Huge-IT company have already thought about that and will try to help you always to be in touch with your visitors.

We are happy to announce that we released a new WordPress Plugin for the users called Forms.

Depending on the activity of your website, we suggest the forms which have been made for the special purposes. For example, whether it is an informative blog that the visitors need to receive daily or weekly newsletter it is convenient to use Subscribe Form, or if you suggest some services and the visitors need to order something use Delivery Form, make sure that with our new plugin you can make the form that will match to your interests and the services you provide.

That’s why WordPress Forms is a necessary tool for promoting your business. Due to the good-looking forms, your website will have a professional and businesslike appearance.Let’s depict the characteristics and tricks of the Forms which is provided by Huge-IT:

It is very amazing to use Huge-IT Forms, as it’s very simple and powerful plugin. All the fields are customizable and easy to order by Drag and Drop functionality. In admin panel you can do changes and see the result immediately due to Live Preview panel.

For easy insert Forms in your website do it with the help of Widgets and Shortcodes.It goes without saying, with themes selection functionality you can match the design of the forms to your taste. Here welcome to the world of design, use and customize one of the existing themes or make your own one.

Huge-IT WordPress Forms is an awesome plugin for making the contact with your audience more comfortable, fast and beneficial. Experience it yourself and enjoy the result.

Download Huge-IT Forms here: WordPress Forms

Joomla Catalog Extension Launched

It is always nice to have some good information to share with. Huge-IT company created new Catalog Extension for Joomla users. It is very convenient and flexible extension for those who wants to demonstrate the products online. It has 5 different and compelling views and single product page:


Each view has its unique style and particularity. It is made so, that you can pick up the most appropriate view for demonstrating your products. Delightfully run your products choosing to have the main image with thumbnails and description or just display main cover picture with the title.

With the help of Catalog Extension you can create limitless catalogs with plenty of images. It allows you to see the product page with detailed information. As well as, there is place where the customers can get information about the product parameters, leave a comment and contact to the seller. You have the opportunity to extend the products on different social networks, it is very responsive on any devices and have zoom and lightbox options for all the images.

Thus, this is very effective and nice way for Joomla users to create an online shop, attract the customers and manage a successful business. Huge-IT aim is to grow up Joomla Extensions by making them more comfortable, useful and more effective for the users.

Download and enjoy Joomla Catalog Extension Here:

How to create your own website

Nowadays websites are the main mechanism in your business development. It helps you to advertise and present your activity, get new clients, extend your business, thus having a website is very necessary. In this case, you start thinking about how to create your own website. Yes, it is easy to order a website from an advanced developer but why to spend much money if you can learn how to do it by yourself?

Our topic will help you to begin, and why not get experience in building websites.

Identify the purpose for the website

Have a plan on what you are going to do with your site. It may be a Foodie site, Fashion blog, Online Store or an informative blog to attract potential customers. Or, you are a business company and want to suggest your services or products, even you may use the website as a business card.

Domain and Hosting

Choose a domain name for your website, which is short, attractive, fits your business and will help in promotion. Then you need to select the Web host provider, where your website should be hosted in. Another consideration, choose a faster and powerful host for your website with good host’s support.

Content Management Software

WordPress and Joomla both are free and flexible content management software. Due to these two platforms, you will avoid coding.


If you are not an experienced developer it’s better if you choose some convenient theme from the list of already created themes. On WordPress and Joomla platforms there are thousands of themes for your taste and demands. The theme is very important, it should be stylish, attractive and eye-catching.

Can not help saying that our company also provides a very nice theme for users.Huge-IT theme is called Company and is very convenient for a business activities, it is responsive and customizable, actually, you can test it yourself and get to know it better. Let’s imagine that you have chosen our theme, activated it in your website. The next step is designing it to your taste, fill up with many interesting and useful features, plugins, extensions and at the end filling your content information.

More information about modern design of your website you can learn from our blog Web Design Trends WordPress Developers Should Use.

With The help of this blog: Tips for choosing the best WordPress Themes you can learn how to choose an appropriate theme for your business.


You can do more with the plugins: You can have share buttons for the social networks, videos, images, create your own portfolio, create an online shop. If you have products and want to demonstrate them then use Catalog Plugin to demonstrate the products with a nice view. Our Company provides every kind of plugins, for example, Huge IT Product Catalog plugin has a very stylish design and demonstration, just a few steps and the online shop is ready. Or if you are a photographer or just have a company to show your images and videos there are appropriate plugins for showing your work with the help ofPortfolio Gallery, Image Gallery,
Video Gallery,Slider Plugins.


Your website need to have a good marketing strategy. It is very important to have a good and planned marketing techniques for attracting your visitors. Estimate which marketing technique is suitable for your site. You can use Social Networks as well, it works fine.

Organized website

When people visit your site it should be easy to understand what is about your website, what to do next, to subscribe or to read a useful article, it should have easy navigation. The website does not need to please everyone, as it has a special orientation. Do not make too much stuff on your site, as the busiest site is not easy to surf for the visitors.


Have a powerful and interesting content, It is a bit difficult but necessary for keeping the visitors on your website

Thus, these were the basic tips for building the website, to start and run a successful online business. Be more creative, energized, full of new ideas and make them realize.