Blog | Fines of Google will find you, even on a new domain

Yes-yes will find — even if you have not bothered to put a redirect to your new website. About this yesterday told, John Mueller, an analyst of trends for webmasters from Google.

In any case, at first let me remind you long known information if you move the site to a new domain and set a redirect from the old one, you will automatically grab all fines and penalties of Google that you have been given earlier. And here is a new information informed by John in his last interview (look from the 23rd minute):


In two words: Google can track the fact that the new site’s content coincides with the old one and automatically insert a redirect. This will help those who simply can’t normally migrate the sites to a new domain — all visitors will be automatically redirected to the right address, without further action by webmaster
However, repeated offenders will огребать all fines, which had before.
I will remind you the most popular fines:
— For «unnatural» links
— For excessive optimization
— For unoriginal/duplicate content
— Well, and the death penalty of webmaster — a complete ban in Google for the multiple causes .
So, if you do not want problems with the promotion of new customers — initially cure old. Amen.