Blog | First Game on Android

As you all know, recently we started making apps for Android. Our first game, made in collaboration with HugeBob, calls “2 Sports Cars”, and has already been launched on Android.
You can find the game on Google Play.

A few words about “2 Sports Cars”:

In the game you will find 2 sports cars, one red, the other yellow, and two well-defined roads with constant traffic. Using two fingers tap, manage each sports car to collect the containers with petrol and go around dangerous obstacles that fall your way. Game «2 Sports Cars» based not only on overcoming obstacles, but as well as on the growing speed. Thus, you can earn agility.

This game will entertain you and inspire you to be first. Beating new scores and winning your friends.

So feel free to download game «2 Sports Cars», entertain, grow your abilities and beat high scores!

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