Huge-IT Beta

Time is running very fast and everything is changing constantly. Huge-IT website is not an exception, it is evolving as well. As you can notice it changed it’s design and functionality, became more user friendly, stylish and comfortable for using. We consider all the important elements, details and have individual approach for all our clients.

Changed the structure of WordPress and Joomla pages became easier for exploring plugins.With the new section of FAQ, users can find the proper answers for all the basic questions they face while using the plugins.In the Same time updated and User Manuals of plugins become more fresh, got navigation scroll and description images. Demos become larger.


Huge-IT support service is providing professional, effective support and assistance for all the users,not matter, you are a free or a premium version user. Thus, the website strengthened the online support, finding new solutions, added new comfortable contact form.

Every detail matters hence for Huge-IT actively working on having responsive design in order to be more achievable and comfortable for the users. Having a good skilled team we created a good atmosphere for the visitors. Huge-IT adopted new-found professionalism and we are here to help our customers to achieve their goals.

So, follow us on facebook, twitter, google+ and pinterest to be more informed about our news and updates.If you have any suggestions or questions please contact us with the following e-mail address : [email protected]

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