Best Joomla Portfolio Extensions


Anyone who owns a site knows how hard it is to find the right extensions for having a professional and good-looking interface, to seize the visitors attention to come back. Those who are addicted to the art and professional photography, or, for example, want to create original design portfolio site should pick up the most appropriate portfolio extension.Well, then keep up with us to explore the best ones.

Joomla is a great platform where you can find thousands of extensions; you just need to choose one for you. With so many portfolios it is sometimes hard to decide which is the right one for your website. We have gathered the best portfolio extensions with their main features, which can help you to select the right one.

Portfolio Gallery

Joomla Portfolio Gallery

Huge-IT Portfolio is specially made to create the impressive portfolio. It is flexible, has responsiveness for opening on various devices, gives the ability to create the unlimited portfolio, add the enormous amount of images. Huge-It suggests seven incredible views to exhibit the pictures and videos of the portfolio, write title and description and make color changes.

Advanced Portfolio Pro


This portfolio is easy to manage, you have the ability to add tags and divide the images into categories, supports watermark effect for the pictures, provides customizable layout. The portfolio created with this extension will make the visitors enjoy and get excited by them.

JUX Portfolio


At first sight, you can see the images in a row, when hovering on the picture you see the category name, title, link button and the images open with a nice popup. You have the opportunity entirely control the portfolio, separate the projects with the help of pagination and Load More button, open the portfolio in different browsers and devices. So you have all chances to create one of the eye-catching portfolios for your Joomla site.

RPC Responsive Portfolio


This extension displays a picture in several different styles and possibilities. RPC is an excellent extension, which suggests many useful features for the Joomla users. With this extension, you will have an attractive portfolio to show your visitors. The main advantages are the following: responsiveness- ability to open the portfolio on various devices, add multiple images and videos, you can change the ordering by drag and drop option, create an unlimited number of portfolios.

SP Portfolio


SP portfolio is another extension to use in your Joomla platform. This helps you to create a portfolio with your favorite images; it allows to open the images with nice popup create for them categories, insert link button to take project’s page, write description and title.

Keen IT Responsive Portfolio


Keen IT Portfolio is a powerful tool, which is here to help you show your images in a beautiful way.Turn your website into the fascinating portfolio; Keen IT shows the pictures in the portfolio when hovering images you see category name, zoom icon and the link icon, which directs you to read more detail about the project.

Beautiful Portfolio


Beautiful Portfolio suggested useful tools to have an impressive portfolio, add images, then write for them a title and description, if you have additional links then insert it next to the picture to direct your visitors to the other website.Change the picture size and do much more customization. With the customization, you can make the portfolio perfect.

WS Portfolio

Next extension in the list is WS Portfolio, which is flexible and easy to use. The extension helps to demonstrate the images in a nice way, to create more than 50 portfolios, set up filters, control link tags. Install the extension in a few minutes, add the images to the portfolio and give them headlines and texts.

TLP Portfolio


For your image demonstration, you can choose Tech Lab Pro portfolio. It is one of the best ways to demonstrate the pictures, it has a minimalistic view, add your images, write the title for them, if your images need to distribute some information, then there is a place for it as well. Divide the pictures into several categories, add URL and make color changes and enjoy the result.

Sponsor Wall

This Joomla extension is another way to represent your images for making your website more attractive and grab the visitors attention. Make your platform fantastic and beautiful with the WS Portfolio. It has eye-catching effects, responsive design, counter click option, due to this option you are allowed to watch the amount of the click on your projects.

Joomla is a platform, where you are free to create interesting contents with the help of extensions. Select the Portfolio, which suits the best to beautify your website, to make it more fresh and professional. Joomla Platform can give the powerful tools to make your site the excellent and exciting, to exhibit your content in a pretty way. So keep up with us to be me more informed.

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