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Greetings to all visitors of our website. And let me inform you the fresh news of today. You might noticed, that now we made a new Lightbox extension available not only for WordPress users, but also for Joomla users. Joomla users now can install and use It. The rest of our products will be added with time. So the first step we made we entered to Joomla! Our experts will make the products available for both 2.x and 3.x version of Joomla. From time to time we will increase the amount of our extensions for Joomla users and maybe will design brand new extensions specially for Joomla.

Huge IT develops and offers a number of Joomla Extensions which will serve as ideal additions for enhancing your website.


Now Huge IT friendly team will answer to all Joomla users’ questions, that will be related with our Joomla extensions.

The Lightbox module that we have for now, is made to show your images or videos beautifully increased, with popup that has 5 styles. It has live demonstration, that you can find on the user manual section. Gradually we will increase the amount of the extensions for Joomla. The information about the installation of the extensions you can find in User Manual section, where we properly described how to add any use the plugins. For more information contact us by mail [email protected]