Joomla Slideshow User Manual

Stage 1. Addition of Huge-IT Slider Extension

For installation of slider go: Extensions > Extensions Manager > choose the zip file > Upload > Module Manager > Activate

Stage 2. Usage of Slider Module

Slider module allows to manage slider: place in in different positions within page, choose in which pages to display or not.

2.1 Installing module zip file

Extensions > Module Manager > Activate Huge-IT Slider > Choose slider from list and Position within specific theme (on right panel) > Menu assignment > Choose where to display it

Stage 3. Insert Created Slider

Menu > Main Menu > “page” > Select > Sliders > “choose our Slider > Save

Stage 4. Custom Options

Components > Sliders > My First Slider

On the configuration page of the Slider find "Current Options", from where you can set the following options

Stage 5. General Options

Slideshow styles and colors

Title styles and colors

Description styles and colors

*Please check if it doesn’t match position of the title in order to avoid from overloading.

Description styles and colors

Navigation styles and colors