Dear users, we are pleased to inform you that Huge-IT is already making a new projects for Android users. LEXIS used to be one of your favorite products among the others. It is very convenient to install on your android mobile phone.

Our first app is called LEXIS. It is about learning, checking and, why not improving your English vocabulary among 10
languages: just choose the language, and category you wish and start the test.Due to the perfect mobility and simple design,
you’ll just enjoy the process of learning.
Thus, keep in touch with our news, which promise to be interesting and discoverable.

Lexis — is the simplest resource of training English words, get basic vocabulary. This application replaces boring learning process with new entertaining method of learning, based on cards/stickers gaming form. Stickers is one of the oldest and most effective techniques for memorizing English words. The application has enhancement features and makes it easy to
obtain a considerable vocabulary.Outstanding feature of lexis is that the application can memorize unfamiliar words and make you learn them again. Lexis application is completely free of charge and doesn’t ask any registration. Words are chosen for all levels knowledge of English: starting with Beginner up to Master level. Words are given in different forms like: verbs nouns and adjectives.