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Unlimited Websites


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Unlimited Portfolios

Unlimited Projects

7 Different Views

Title And Description

Custom URLs

Shortcode Integration

PHP Shortcode Integration

Widget Integration

Ordering Buttons

Sorting Buttons

Dozen Styling Options

Lightbox Options

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WordPress Portfolio Gallery Plugin

Portfolio is perfect for using for creating various portfolios within various views. The product allows adding unlimited projects containing images, videos, descriptions and titles for each portfolio. It is rather useful weather using with various pages and posts, as well as within custom location.


Unlimited Amount Of Portfolios And Projects

Add unlimited number of images and videos in a single project Drag and drop to change their order.And you can create unlimited of such projects in unlimited portfolios.

Fully Responsive

Portfolio Gallery plugin is fully responsive for different sizes of screen. So your users will enjoy your projects viewing it on any device.

fully responsive


Load More And Pagination

Create unlimited portfolios and have load-more or pagination on them with customizable options. Feature-rich plugin allows to select either load more button that will load certain amount of works per click or have pagination.

Title And Description

Important possibility to add title and description to each image.Nicely imported title and description with project images give your portfolio professional view.


7 Nicely Designed Views

7 ways to demonstrate projects will make you satisfy with the look of your portfolio. Among the views you can find

  • Block Toggle Up/Down.
  • Full Height Block.
  • Gallery/Content Popup.
  • Full-Width Block.
  • FAQ Toggle Up/Down.
  • Content Slider.
  • Lightbox Gallery.



Hundreds Of Design Options

General Options gives you big choice of different settings, make the portfolio look exactly as you need will plenty of adjustments of colors, size, and effects.

Sorting Buttons

Most projects within gallery has some significance in respect of order, however, they are created in a random manner. Therefore we have most useful sorting feature to have all your projects sorted when disseminating the information.

sorting buttons


Category Buttons

We included Category Buttons, which can be used to sort and group content into different sections/subjects. Each project can belong to a single category as well as to multiple categories at once.

Youtube Posts

Portfolio Gallery can be used with the most popular video site -YouTube, Simply copy the link and add it to the project, Portfolio Gallery will bring the video in it.



Vimeo Posts

The other source of adding videos in Portfolio Gallery is Vimeo. Attach the videos with your projects to make them more and more professional. As Youtube just insert the link into project.

Lightbox Popup With Many Options

Some of the views use our popular Lightbox tool. Images are opened using the Lightbox, or sometimes we say Popup. The idea of the Lightbox is to make image larger, ability to slide through all images withing the the gallery. And make some design customization on it, using varioty of Lightbox Options.


We Appreciate Every Single Opinion

  • This is a very nice portfolio and even if it's still improvable (See below) it has 2 major qualities: - Great looking - Support!! I've been very quickly helped by hugeIT support team to make this plugin adapt to my needs. They sent me a modified version of the plugin to test! Thanks for that!! Now, I'd love this plugin to have 2 different features: - A Centered portfolios page. - A different way to add portfolios in the admin section (maybe one by one instead of a single page where all the portfolios are added). Those are my thoughts. 5 stars!
  • Nice portfolio. Great look and feel. Good offering for a free download.
  • Very nice plugin, with easy maintenance
  • Does a wonderful job on creating a gallery on a widget.
  • Its a butter which depends on your test of use..... !!!!! Excellent support team. Sample please visit my site [Links redacted]
  • This plugin provides great functionality and customization, If you find something not in the settings that you would like to change, they have a great support team that can help make the customization
  • I think it's an easy, useful and gallery on its free version. Developers are really interested on helping users achieve their necessities. Totally recommend it.
  • I used this plugin in free version but developer is very professional people and when i asked help i had a super fast answer. Very thank you
  • it works well and it's user friendly.
  • I purchased the multi-license as I really liked the free version. During the download the product unzipped itself and so I had a problem uploading the pro-version of the plug-in to my WP site. After several back and forth emails with Huge-It Customer service, she finally suggested I rezip the files and viola! it worked! Such a simply solution (why didn't I think of that!) but Huge-It's customer service was diligent about getting back to me. I'm really glad too because their plug-in rocks! Minor learning curve but it's pretty intuitive and flexible as photo galleries go. I enjoy using this plug in and it's versatility very much. Thank you Huge It and your customer service. You are awesome. Note: To the commenter who rated the free plugin so low...come on...spend the $40 for the pro version. It's a great plug in and they should be compensated for their hard work and updates.
  • Great plugin for exactly what I need. Its beautiful and simple. I have also had great experience with their support so if you have any trouble then you can always contact them and expect a prompt response.
  • Easy to use and format with different layouts. You'll need the paid versions to adjust colors and formats in detail, but it's well worth the investment. Support is responsive and helpful with customizations.
  • A beautiful grid to show the product's portfolio. Great support!



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