Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to add buttons on a page?

    You need to use the shortcode, if you like the default option then use the shortcodes for Login

    and for Sign Up

  • May I use this Login in a widget?

    Yes the plugin can be used ad widget in sidebar you need to go in Appearance > Widget

  • Why do I see the widget logged in when I insert it in widget area?

    This happens when you are already logged in to WordPress. Try to test it in incognito mode of your browser while you are logged out of WordPress./p>

  • Why I don’t see Sign Up button on my page ?

    Try to go in WordPress Settings > General > Membership > and select “Anyone can register” check box

  • May I upgrade my license from Personal to Multi-site or Developer version?

    Yes you may upgrade the license by only paying the difference.



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