Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to see the whole image in popup?

    If your image is big and doesn’t fit the popup size you may change option “Image Full Width” from General Options it will fit the image in popup without scrolling.

  • May I use the same view with different design options?

    Gallery has 8 views and 8 sections for design option, so galleries with the same view may be designed the same way, to have another design just choose another view.

  • May I click on thumbnail of image and go to link instead of popup?

    Right now the option is not available in plugin options, but you may request customization by contacting

  • The gallery is very large, it takes much time for loading?

    If you have a big gallery with lots of high quality images and want to save loading time, we recommend to use Pagination or Load More option. This options will allow to set how many items to load per page.

  • What is the difference between Image Gallery and Photo Gallery plugins that you offer?

    The differences are minor but may be important for a certain type of users and websites. Photo Gallery is based on minimalistic backend design and has two new views that are not available in the previous gallery plugins : Masonry and Mosaic views are available in this gallery only, and we have also implemented the newly designed Lightbox.



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