Frequently asked questions

  • How to change the position of the elements on slider ?

    Simply drag them and place on desired position on the Slider sample page. Use the small square icon to change the size by dragging up and down

  • I make styles on the Title/Description/Button boxes and it doesn’t affect on general preview page ?

    The General Preview is made to see changes only with box size and position, other style customization can be seen if you press on “Preview” button.

  • Does your slider support: videos, last posts, widget integration ?

    Unfortunately, the mentioned options are not available in the current version of the slider. Yet we are working on major updates, which will include more features, including video support, many effects, layers, social sharing buttons and more.

  • Will I lose my created Sliders if update from Free to Pro version ?

    No, nothing will be lost. They are kept in the database of your website. The only way to lose or completely erase the data is to uninstall the plugin. Other than that, no data will be lost. Yet, we always recommend users to backup their files or website, just in case something goes wrong.

  • I am getting an error after the payment/have problem with the payment when trying to purchase the pro version ?

    Please try to submit the payment using another browser, otherwise feel free to contact our support team info AT

  • May I add my own custom icons for the arrows ?

    Custom arrows can be added in the Professional version of the plugin only.



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