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Last Posts Slider

Use Post Slider to show the last posts of some category. For example in this slider are posted the the last 5 posts of our blog. New added post automatically appears on slider last one leaves slider. It automatically takes the post’s Thumbnail (Featured) image. You are able  to change the count of posts that are shown. Enable the title or description tat again will be taken automatically from your post. Ev iharke ka hnaravorutyun miacnel outgoing link@ vor sxmelov slideri tvyal slide i vra texapoxven hamapatasxan post@. Isn’t it great ?

Static Posts Slider

Use Post Slider to show the last posts of some category. For example in this slider are posted the the last 5 posts of our blog. New added post automatically appears on slider last one leaves slider. It automatically takes the post’s Thumbnail (Featured) image. You are able to change the count of posts that are shown. Enable the title or description tat again will be taken automatically from your post. Plus we have ability to call outgoing links on image click, which may redirect you to another URL. Isn’t it great ?

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WordPress Slider Demo 1 Mixed Slider

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    Fight Club
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  • You're not your job. You're not how much money you have in the bank. You're not the car you drive. You're not the contents of your wallet. You're not your fucking khakis. You're the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.

WordPress Slider FAQ

  • Is the payment for plugin one-time of per month,year..?

    The payment for Pro license is one-time and for life

  • How to install the PRO version of plugin?

    In order to install pro version of the plugin, simply follow these steps: 1) delete your free version of plugin 2) install the zip file | Plugins > add new > upload plugin3) clean your cache files |ctrl+f5| Don’t be afraid of deleting free version, because you will NOT lose your created sliders

  • How to get a copy of most recent version?

    Pro users can get update versions contacting us by info@huge-it.com. Free version users will find update notification in their wordpress admin panel.

  • I’ve bought the commercial license of the plugin installed the file but the Plugin seems to be still in free version, what to do?

    After installation of pro version, in General Options all your changes will be saved! If you still see “free version” notification after installation of pro version 1) try to clean your cache files if this will not help 2) delete, and install the plugin again

  • I have paid for pro version and didn’t get the link or file to update.

    If you made purchase and didn’t get the plugin pro license file, or file was corrupt, contact us by info@huge-it.com and send order number, we will check and send you the file as soon as possible

  • Have purchased pro version of Slider plugin but still get the announcement to buy the commercial version to change settings. What to do ?

    This can happen because of your browser’s cache files. Press ctrl+f5 (Chrome, FF) in order to clean them, if you use safari, etc., clean from browser settings. If nothing helps, just reinstall the plugin again

  • Will I lose all my changes that I made in free version, if I update to pro version of slider?

    All kind of changes made in free version will remain, even if you delete the plugin

  • Slider moves/jumps for the first seconds, while site is loading, why?

    That is standard loading process. Our slider is made so it waits until all your page components will be loaded then it loads itself. That’s why we created loading icons which will cover that movement moment. Please put it ON from Current Options.

  • I have already purchased Multi Site version, how do I upgrade it to Developer version, without buying it again?

    If you have any pro version of our products and want to upgrade it, you do not need to buy the new one again, you only need to pay the difference price. Contact info@huge-it.com and we will charge you the difference price.

WordPress Slider User Manual

Creating Slider

After you activate Huge-IT Slider plugin it should appear on the left panel of wordpress dashboard. Click on it go in Slider>Add New Slider.

Click on “Add Image Slider”. Using Standard Media Uploader option you should select the images you want to add to your slider. You can add images as one by one and using multi selection, add several images at once. Each image should be filled with information individually from our admin page.

Let’s have a look at the individual features of the images.

  • Title.

    Here you can provide a title for the slider image.

  • Description.

    Provide the details for the image. This will be visible on a transparent layer on the slider. Description text can be constructed using HTML.

  • URL.

    This is an optional feature. You can provide a link on the slider to take to specific location on your website or another website. The URL should be provided in http:// form. next to it you can select “open in new tab” option.

dummy image

Creating Video Slider

Click on “Add Video slide”, this will open a window with “Add Video URL From Youtube or Vimeo” filed, where you should insert the link of the video from that two sources. After video is inserted you will see a few configuration options and your video slider is ready.

dummy image

Creating Post Slider

Click on “Add post slide” you will see a window which allows you to add post slider using 2 different ways. One is manual way, called “Static Posts”. Clicking on it you will see a list of your post, which you can select. Second way is “Last Posts”, here you just select how many posts it should grab, from which category, some slightly adjustments and it’s ready.

Note: each post should have featured image in order to be seen in slider.

It is not recommended to use post slider mixed with simple slider.

dummy image

Current Slider Options

These options are available in free version, and allows you to make individual adjustments on each slider. You can find them straight on the right panel of slider admin page.

  • Width.

    Specify the width of the slider in pixels. It has maximal limit – slider will not be larger than your theme container size.

  • Height.

    Specify the height of the slider in pixels.It has maximal limit – slider will not be larger than your theme container size.

  • Effects.

    Select the effect which will be applied to the slider.

  • Pause time.

    Specify the pause time for the slider in milliseconds.

  • Change speed.

    Specify the change speed in milliseconds.

  • Slider Position.

    Choose where to posit the slider within your fixed container.

  • Loading Icon.

    This option is important. If your site jQuery loading time is slower that it should be, slider may have slightly movement, which you should cover using loading icon.

  • Navigate By.

    Decide how to navigate slider. It has three ways: using dots, thumbnail images, or no navigation at all.

  • Pause on Hover.

    Choose whether to pause the slider on mouse or leave it changing to the further image.

dummy image

Editing Slider General Options

To change the styles and colors of the slider you should got to Huge IT Slider> Slider Options.

Image styles and colors

  • Image Behaviour .

    Choose natural to show images in their natural size. In this case your slider will have background.

  • Slider background Color .

    Select the background color for the image. The color will be visible with during the slide change within specific effects.

  • Slider Border Size .

    Add border on the top and bottom of the slider.

  • Slider Border Color .

    Paint the border with the new color.

  • Slider Border radius .

    Configure border radius.

  • Slider Loading Image .

    While loading icon option is ON, you can choose a style for it.

dummy image

Title styles and colors

  • Title Color.

    Set the color for the title.

  • Title background color.

    Choose the color for the cell containing the title.

  • Title font size.

    Specify the font size for the image title.

  • Title border size.

    Set the border for the title.

  • Title border color.

    Select the border for the title.

  • Title border radius.

    Set the border radius for the title.

  • Title position.

    Define the position of the title using the view graph.

dummy image

Description styles and colors

  • Description Color.

    Set the color for the image description.

  • Description background color.

    Choose the color for the cell containing the image description.

  • Description font size.

    Specify the font size for the image description.

  • Description border size.

    Specify the border for the image description.

  • Description border color.

    Select the border color for the image description.

  • Description border radius.

    Set the border radius for the image description cell.

  • Description position.

    Select the positioning of the description. Please make sure it does not coincide with the title position avoiding overloading.

dummy image

Navigation Thumbnails Styles

  • Count of Thumbs Slides.

    Select how many thumbnail images you want to see under slider as navigation.

  • Slider Thumb Height.

    Choose height for the thumbnails of the slider.

  • Thumbnails Background Color.

    If images has different proportions. they have background and you may adjust it’s color.

  • Passive Thumbnail Overlay Color.

    Those thumbnails which are passive have overlay, which you can change in color.

  • Passive Thumbnail Overlay Transparency.

    Thumbnail overlay may be changed in transparency level.

dummy image

Navigation styles and colors

  • Navigation Dots position.

    Set the position for the navigation arrows.

  • Navigation Dots Color.

    Select the dot color for the navigation.

  • Navigation Active Dot Color.

    Specify the color for the dot for the currently displayed image.

  • Show Navigation Arrows.

    Select to see navigation arrows on slider.

  • Navigation Arrows Style.

    Choose navigation arrow style among 16 different types.


Inserting the Slider

Inserting the Slider into the Post or Page.

You should use the automatically generated code into the Post or Page. The shortcode takes the following form:

[huge_it_slider id=N] , where N is the number ID of the created Slider.

dummy image

Inserting the Slider into the template.

The shortcode can be easily inserted into a template/theme which corresponds to the WordPress standards.

To do so you should insert the following shortcode:

<?php echo do_shortcode([huge_it_portfolio id=N]); ?>
Where N is the number ID of the created Slider.

dummy image

Widget integration.

From theme widget list you can find Huge-IT Slider, and may add it as widget.

dummy image

WordPress Slider


Unlimited Amount Of Images

Create a slider with countless numbers of images in countless numbers of sliders. This is all possible with the Huge-IT Slider plugin.

Custom Options For Each Slider

Each slider can be customized using Current Options, including size, transition speed, effects and many other useful options. Sliders can have their own customization settings separate from one another.



Fully Responsive

The slider plugin can be used on different mobile devices as it’s flexible for any screen size. A very important feature is that responsiveness works on the title and description of the slider image as well.

Title And Description

A Title and Description can be added to all the images within a slider. It overlays beautifully on the slider image with a slightly transparent background.



Custom URL For Each Slide

When adding an image to a Slider, you can make add a clickable link from it to a specific page or URL.

A Dosen Style Options

Under General Options in Huge-IT Slider you can find a number of various settings to enhance your slider’s appearance and actions.



Post Slides

Using Post Slide you can create great looking slides of your posts using posts by category or just recent posts from all categories.

Youtube Slides

YouTube videos can also be added to slides using our fancy slider plugin. You can add the links to the YouTube videos very easily, make some adjustments and add a number of beautiful effects.



Vimeo Slides

Vimeo videos can also be added to a slider very easily. As with YouTube items, insert the video links into the slides and choose from the many different enhancement effects and modern features.

16 Navigation Buttons Style

We have collected a large selection of different navigation arrow types to fit any design of your website.



Thumbnails Navigation

Navigate images and videos in a slider using thumbnail images. This super feature allows you to preview previous and next slides.