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WordPress Google Maps Plugin

Most simple and effective tool for rapid creation of individual Google Map in posts and pages. With our Google Map you can provide your visitors with information about the exact location of your company/place.


Over 20 Map Options

In Huge-IT Google Map plugin you can find more than 20 various map options which will make your Map better for you and your visitors.

44 Marker Styles

Select colorful and bright marker from the big library of 44 markers in Maps Markers or upload your own. Choose the size and add the URL to it, so that users will be able to find the website connected with the marker easily.

44 marker styles

Polygones Polylines Circles

Polygones Polylines Circles

You will have 3 ways to designate areas. Put geometric shape with a polygon, outline the route with the polyline and the circle to designate round areas.

Road Layers

There are different types of road layers that you can use on you map. This comprehensive street map includes Traffic Layer, Bicycling Layer, Transit Layer.

Road Layers

Map Styling

Map Styling

We included a huge repository of different styles for Google Map aimed towards web designers and developers. Which you can customize yourself.

CSV Export

CSV file exporting makes it easy to export data, creates a CSV file of the objects that you submit.

Map Styling