Web Design Trends WordPress Developers Should Use

While using WordPress platform, every developer should take into consideration that without good design your website will not have long existence among the competitive ones. One of the important key for running a successful blog/website is the design and content of course. In this topic we will speak about the design and it’s importance. When visitors enter your site it is the design that catches their attention and makes them stay and search on your website. The web design has it’s tendency and it develops fast as well. Here learn about the tendency in web design for having an influential and competitive WordPress site.

Flat Design

The main idea of the Flat design is that it is simple, eye-catching, warm, and colorful. It is always pleasure to see the Flat design on your website, but there are some important tips that everyone should know about the Flat design. It shouldn’t be too more, for example if you have flat icons on your website try do not use same design on the other pages. User should like it but not get bored about too much stuff. It is also should have an organic colors to express peace and care.


Material Design

The next one is Material Design produced by Google, which is based on the alternative version of Flat design. Naturally Material design has common things with the Flat design.The design is based on the reality, inspired by the possibilities of paper and ink, but open to the imagination and magic.Material design as realistic as it is possible to be and It has very subtle colors. This is tend to have a clean, modern and minimalist result.

Full Screen Video

Full screen video design is aiming to grab the visitors attention immediately. Your Full screen video design should have a powerful visual impact on visitors. Try to use only large and high-quality images, pay attention the sharp color contrast and emphasize the text and button. Do not forget that your text and image should be relevant to each other.


Hero Images

When you want to bring your visitors to your website then, here comes Hero Images design. Your Hero image should be interesting and try to keep the focus on the image. It is better to be aware of colors, when to use black and white, or know how to use colorful colors. There are many famous websites which uses Hero Image design.

Galleries and Slideshows

Everyone knows that nowadays people want to receive the information fast and save as much time as it is possible. It is nice to see the motion of slides, where except the nice pictures you can gain information quickly written on the slide. It is a good idea to tell about your company with the help of Galleries and Slide, which is mainly used on the website homepage.


Responsive Design

The last one in this queue is Responsive design. Most people except the Computers use different devices to reach the website. You should have a responsive design for having great number of visitors, this is a must have.

And as a conclusion it is very important to put relevant photos on your design, especially on banners by adding a few words about the topic. But anyways the most important rule in design is feel creativeness. And everything you do from the bottom to the banner it has to be smart and intelligent at the same time.

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