Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use any language on the pricing plans?

    Yes you can. There are no limits in this regards. In the fields of the plugin put any text that is up to your needs.

  • How many plans I may create in one table?

    The number of possible columns, rows and tables are unlimited.

  • Is the Price Builder Pro version a one time or per year/month payment?

    All licences have no limits in usage and the payment is one time.

  • Why can I hide only first plan?

    The first plan is like a model of all other plans, making changes on first plan you change other plans at once, that’s why first plan can be used as a column or can be used only as a model and be hidden after the work is complete.

  • May I upgrade my license from Personal to Multisite or Developer version?

    Yes you may upgrade the license by only paying the difference. In this case you may want to contact us.



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