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WordPress Price Table Builder Plugin

An ideal tool to display products, services and prices in the most convenient, attractive way.


Unlimited Columns and Rows.

The free version has no limits in the number of new rows and columns of our price table. You may build a nice table and use as many plans and field in every plan as you wish, no limits at all.

Vertical and Horizontal Lists.

The very first default plan in the table allows to create horizontal list. While first column may list the names of the features the other columns can list the values of those features. And a standard vertical list which is well known to those who ever tried a price table.


Highlighting Ribbon

Price Table Builder have the possibility to add ribbons. The Ribbons will help to show that one of your plans as the Best, Most used, Popular or other. This highlighted plan will have a ribbon on the corner with the custom text on it.

Action Button

Add action button in every plugin with the text. By clicking on the button you redirect the visitors to any page, where they can make a certain action related to that specific plan.


Custom Icons.

Every field of the Price Table Builder may have a nice icon on the side. The icon is available from Font Awesome collection and will be a nice addition to the list of the features.


Drag and Drop function.

Using this well known functionality Drag Drop in Price Table Builder admin page you may change the place of any plan and reorder the whole table, as well as change the features, button, and main text position in every plan.

Fully Responsive.

The Price table Builder may beautifully rearrange itself once you watch the website on any small device, let it be mobile, tablet or small computer, the table is fully responsive to make the view of the website pleasant to eye.


Colors’ Customization.

Great possibilities for color design will allow to find the right color combinations