Basic Options

  • Share Buttons Social Medias

    Choose the social websites, from this list, that you want to display in your post.

  • Share Buttons size

    Set the size for the Share icons.

  • Button Position

    Select the position of the buttons on your webpage.

  • Share Buttons With Shares Count

    The counter will allow you to see the number of shares.


Buttons style

  • Share Button Style suggests various display style of buttons to show on you website/blog.


Share Buttons Block

  • Block Has Background

    Choose to have background for the Share Buttons.

  • Block Background Color

    Select the color for background.

  • Block Border Size

    Set the size of the border.

  • Block Border Color

    Choose the color of your border.

  • Block Border Radius

    Choose the radius for border corners.

  • Margin From Content

    Set the margin of buttons from your content.


Share Buttons Title

  • Title Text

    Write a text for your share buttons.

  • Title Position

    Choose the position of the text.

  • Title Font Size

    Set the font size for the title.

  • Title Color

    Choose a color for the title.

  • Title Font Style(Family)

    Set Font style for title text.


Buttons Custom Styles

  • Margin Between Buttons

    Set the distance between buttons.

  • Buttons Has Background

    Choose whether to have background for the buttons.

  • Buttons Background Padding

    Choose the padding size for buttons’ background.

  • Buttons Background Color

    Select background color.

  • Buttons Border Size

    Buttons Border Size.

  • Buttons Border Style

    Choose a style for border of the share button.

  • Buttons Border Color

    Select a color for buttons’ border.

  • Buttons Border Radius

    Set radius for buttons’ border corners.

*all changes will be displayed next to the options in demo content


Inserting Share buttons

  • In order to insert Share buttons into your post go >Edit Post >Tick on Share buttons. And you will see your buttons on every post, where it was selected.

  • Copy/Past the shortcode and REPLACE INTO the post.