Best WordPress Portfolio Plugins


The collection of portfolio plugins listed here includes free and premium options. Each has it’s own features. In order of popularity, you can get acquainted with them.

1. Huge-It Portfolio Gallery

Wordpress Portfolio Plugin

Portfolio Gallery is perfect for using for creating various portfolios or gallery within various views. The product allows adding descriptions and titles for each portfolio gallery. It is rather useful wherever, using with various pages and posts, as well as within custom location.
Portfolio Gallery uses 7 view options Blocks Toggle Up/Down | Full-Height Blocks | Gallery / Content-Popup | Full-Width Blocks | FAQ Toggle Up/Down | Content Slider | Lightbox Gallery and can be customized using the General Options. Almost all kind of texts are

The features of the Portfolio Gallery:

  • Possibility of adding various portfolios
  • Possibility of adding various images for each portfolio gallery
  • Image, title and description to the Portfolio Gallery
  • Possibility to add URL to tailor specific pages to the Portfolio Gallery
  • Possibility to add Portfolio / Gallery in widgets right from widgets admin panel
  • Drag and Drop functionality. Drag and drop images/projects to rearrange their sequence in the Portfolio / Gallery
  • and Much More.

2. Portfolio


The Portfolio plugin allows you to create a unique page for displaying portfolio items consisting of screenshots and also you can be able to add information like description, short description, URL, date of completion, etc. Additionally you can add not only one screenshot, but you can add many screenshots in one portfolio item for better visual guidance.

Some of the highlighted features:

  • Create a template with page navigation to display all portfolio items.
  • Regenerate thumbnails after changing their size.
  • Change image size and a number of images displayed in the row.
  • Enable/disable the option of additional fields displaying.
  • Display the latest portfolio items on your page or post using the shortcode
  • and Much More.

3. Nimble Portfolio

Nimble Portfolio

The Nimble Portfolio is a powerful portfolio and gallery plugin, and best plugin to showcase your portfolio, pictures, videos, media and you can sort them easily with filterable tabs. This is a responsive plugin so it would work perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile screen sizes.

Some of the highlighted features:

  • Youtube, Vimeo, Quicktime video support.
  • Built-in PrettyPhoto gallery for picture, video and PDF preview.
  • Easy categorization and sort/filter feature.
  • Configurable default skin, with 3 Responsive designs.
  • and Much More.

4. Awesome Filterable Portfolio

Awesome Filterable Portfolio

Awesome Filterable Portfolio allows anyone to create, manage and publish an outstanding filterable portfolio it can be filtered with smooth animations and cool images hover effects. It will set up, customize and publish your portfolio within minutes.

Some of the highlighted features:

  • Customizable image hover effects.
  • Order Portfolio Categories.
  • Filtered items using jQuery animations.
  • Unlimited items/categories.
  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Available in 4 languages.
  • and Much More.

5. Waving Portfolio

Waving Portfolio<

Waving Portfolio is a free and responsive plugin with very easy control. It will showcase your good looking portfolio grid in a professionally and elegant way. This plugin comes with the option to define your theme to be either light or dark.

6. Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio

Easy Portfolio plugin is a wordpress plugin designed to create interactive portfolio functionality with category filtration in to your wordpress website. Easy Portfolio plugin can be linked with very ease and with no hard understanding.

7. Web Portfolio

Web Portfolio

The Web portfolio plugin is highly suitable to showcase your portfolio and group them nicely under jQuery powered tabs

Some of the highlighted features:

  • Admin interface to add, edit and manage portfolio.
  • Fields for link and Technologies Used details.
  • Filters to manipulate portfolio output.
  • and Much More.

8. Responsive Portfolio

Responsive Portfolio

Responsive Portfolio is based on bootstrap framework. You can Add unlimited images on your blog site. This plugin is mobile compatible and support on any device.Responsive Portfolio is provide gallery with masonry effect and lightbox preview.

Some of the highlighted features:

  • Responsive Gallery.
  • Simple & Very Easy Admin Gallery Dashboard.
  • Top to Down Hover Effect
  • Two Design Layout
  • Zoom image animation
  • Integrated with Masonry effect
  • Stylish Light Box
  • Browser Compatible
  • Add Unlimited Images into Gallery
  • and Much More.

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