How to create your own website


Nowadays websites are the main mechanism in your business development. It helps you to advertise and present your activity, get new clients, extend your business, thus having a website is very necessary. In this case, you start thinking about how to create your own website. Yes, it is easy to order a website from an advanced developer but why to spend much money if you can learn how to do it by yourself?

Our topic will help you to begin, and why not get experience in building websites.

Identify the purpose for the website

Have a plan on what you are going to do with your site. It may be a Foodie site, Fashion blog, Online Store or an informative blog to attract potential customers. Or, you are a business company and want to suggest your services or products, even you may use the website as a business card.

Domain and Hosting

Choose a domain name for your website, which is short, attractive, fits your business and will help in promotion. Then you need to select the Web host provider, where your website should be hosted in. Another consideration, choose a faster and powerful host for your website with good host’s support.

Content Management Software

WordPress and Joomla both are free and flexible content management software. Due to these two platforms, you will avoid coding.


If you are not an experienced developer it’s better if you choose some convenient theme from the list of already created themes. On WordPress and Joomla platforms there are thousands of themes for your taste and demands. The theme is very important, it should be stylish, attractive and eye-catching.

Can not help saying that our company also provides a very nice theme for users.Huge-IT theme is called Company and is very convenient for a business activities, it is responsive and customizable, actually, you can test it yourself and get to know it better. Let’s imagine that you have chosen our theme, activated it in your website. The next step is designing it to your taste, fill up with many interesting and useful features, plugins, extensions and at the end filling your content information.

More information about modern design of your website you can learn from our blog Web Design Trends WordPress Developers Should Use.

With The help of this blog: Tips for choosing the best WordPress Themes you can learn how to choose an appropriate theme for your business.


You can do more with the plugins: You can have share buttons for the social networks, videos, images, create your own portfolio, create an online shop. If you have products and want to demonstrate them then use Catalog Plugin to demonstrate the products with a nice view. Our Company provides every kind of plugins, for example, Huge IT Product Catalog plugin has a very stylish design and demonstration, just a few steps and the online shop is ready. Or if you are a photographer or just have a company to show your images and videos there are appropriate plugins for showing your work with the help ofPortfolio Gallery, Image Gallery,
Video Gallery,Slider Plugins.


Your website need to have a good marketing strategy. It is very important to have a good and planned marketing techniques for attracting your visitors. Estimate which marketing technique is suitable for your site. You can use Social Networks as well, it works fine.

Organized website

When people visit your site it should be easy to understand what is about your website, what to do next, to subscribe or to read a useful article, it should have easy navigation. The website does not need to please everyone, as it has a special orientation. Do not make too much stuff on your site, as the busiest site is not easy to surf for the visitors.


Have a powerful and interesting content, It is a bit difficult but necessary for keeping the visitors on your website

Thus, these were the basic tips for building the website, to start and run a successful online business. Be more creative, energized, full of new ideas and make them realize.

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