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Login Plugin Photo

Introducing To WordPress Login Plugin


Did you ever think of login system on your own website? If you are developing a WordPress websites for others and it has a social purpose you need to pay a little more attention on what kind of form you prepare for the users.

Now we got a solution for you. Huge-IT has prepared a wonderful new plugin for you, which will make it easy to Login into your website for the visitors and subscribers. Let’s see what it consists of and how to use it.

Our Login plugin for WordPress works very easy and at the same time has all the necessary functionality. Using shortcodes you can quickly put special Login and Sign Up button for entry and registration in any place on the site. This might be the post or page, header and footer part of your theme. The plugin has the ability to integrate the buttons into widgets, so placing issue is resolved totally.

Main functions of the plugin is to allow for the users, let it be administrator or editor to login into admin part of the website, and for the visitors and subscribers to Sign Up and Login into their own accounts. In the second case you have to put redirection links after Login and Sign Up procedure.

Having a social website makes us think a little more about the users who are going to become a member of the site. For this we make a lot of customizations on the design and comfortability of login and sign up tools. Once you have decided where and how to place the buttons it’s time to make minor design work with settings. So using design section of the plugin gives that advantages to you, customize every part of the popup by changing the details. Among settings you may come across to plenty color and size options, what is important is to make the buttons and popup match to your website and give it a professional look. It is not the limit, if you don’t like the default options, then go ahead by using custom CSS box and add your preferable CSS injections to change the styles.

As soon as the main work on design has been done and you are fully satisfied with the results, it’s the right time to equip the plugin with useful features:

Most important among them is a security, you have to secure your website from spammers and robots, for that creating a Google reCaptcha in the popup will make it important for a human to provide that he is a real person. What if the users don’t want to spend time on registration and it seems to be annoying for them, let them choose another option, such as Facebook login system. It’s a wonderful and nowadays modern method, the plugin collects already provided Facebook account information. To set up the Facebook login and sign up buttons follow the link and create the application, afterwords take the provided key and security key and add into special filed of the plugin backend, so this way you activate the option.

Spending more little time on the account options you make it maximal convenient for the users and they will be glad to become a member of your website world.Keeping communication with your subscribers, you may enable the possibility of getting notification emails on the activities of the users, as well as on the new member of your site.

Of course the described possibilities are not over, still we offer to take a few minutes and check up the free version of the plugin to better understand if it is what you need.
Follow the description and demo pages and download it now.

For the additional questions, our support team will be happy to provide answers.

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