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Greg Goodman photo
Greg Goodman photo

Stories to inspire: Adventures of a GOODMAN


Being aware of the fact that the Huge-IT Lightbox plugin deserved presenting the photos of a great photographer Greg Goodman – the person full of life, positive emotions and warmth, makes us feel happy and be proud. Looking at the usual things from the spectrum which hasn’t been discovered before can be considered a great motivation for all photographers and for Greg especially. And the Lightbox plugin became a part of this challenge, because it is not only important to take beautiful and attractive photos but find a right way for showing them to others. This is what Greg Goodman does.

Can anyone imagine how is it possible to combine photography, storytelling, web development, travelings, TV shows, adventures, husband’s and father’s role in one? Yes, it is difficult to imagine and this is the reason why our whole team decided to present a story of such a GOODMAN with the purpose of motivating others to follow their dreams and live an unbelievable life, full of chances and opportunities!

1. Dear Greg, before speaking about the content of your website, I would like to ask a question about its name-“Adventures of Goodman”. What does the word “good” mean in this content? Is it somehow related to your personality, way of life, beliefs, interests?

Ha! I love this question, because how people perceive “Adventures of a GoodMan” is something I’ve always wonder about.

The answer is very simple – my name is Greg Goodman, so the site is a play on my last name. That said, if you don’t know me, calling myself a “GoodMan” has certain implied connotations – all of which you addressed perfectly by asking me about my “personality, way of life, beliefs, and interests.

2. Hundreds of people in the world dream about having such a lifestyle like you have. What can you advice or suggest them for making their dreams come true? How did you start to walk towards your dreams?

There are two ways to go about living an “alternative lifestyle.” You can either spend lots of time planning … or just jump off the deep end and hope for the best. Personally, I prefer jumping it, though that doesn’t work for everyone. The best advice I can give is to do what’s best for you.

When I decided to quit my job, sell my stuff, and travel, I never expected it to change my life. In fact, I thought I would be gone for a few months – then return, move across the country, and resume my life as a Corporate American. That was 13 years ago and I haven’t had a “normal” job since.

The funny thing about travel is that it can be whatever you need it to be. For some, it’s a chance to experience other cultures. For others, it’s about checking things off a bucket list, doing something exciting while you still can, or just trying something new. Whatever the reason you travel, the one certainty is that it will change you in some way.

3. It is mentioned on your website that you have participated in the TV show “Get lost in Korea” offered by a popular National Geographic Channel. What can you tell about it? Is there any difference between real traveling and such experience? What can you tell about being under cameras surveillance?

Filming Get Lost in Korea was an adventure unlike any other. Nothing about it was “real travel,” as all of the scenarios and destinations were chosen by someone else. Plus, I often had to recreate my natural reaction several times for different shots.

That said, it was one of the most unforgettable and amazing experiences of my life. Because I was with National Geographic, I had access to places, people, and activities that I could never get to otherwise. For example, I participated in an exorcism, caught a live octopus with my bare hands, fought a trained wrestler during a festival, and met numerous local celebrities.

You can watch Get Lost in Korea here.

4. What does your family: wife and son, think about your passion? Isn’t it difficult to combine family life with such an active way of living?

My darling wife, Carrie, has been there from the start. She’s the reason I first left my desk job and has been my travel buddy and partner for more than 13 years. Travel has made us so much stronger as a couple. Let’s just say that you learn a lot about someone while spending 24 hours a day with them for years at a time and putting yourself in the most stressful scenarios imaginable.

As for our son, Bodhi, he’s 18 months old and already has his passport. The question is, where will his first stamp be from?!

5. Which is your favorite place? Could you remember the most adventurous trip?

My favorite place is India. I love the sights, smells, sounds, people, food, and the constant contrast between highs and lows that can come in the course of 5 seconds.

As for my most adventurous trip, it actually started in India and continued on to most of Southeast Asia. It was my first real long-term backpacking adventure (with Carrie, of course), and it changed my way of looking at the world forever.

6. It’s interesting that besides photography, traveling, storytelling you are also offering web design, marketing and other services. These skills seem to be so far away from each other, that is impossible to imagine what connects them with each other. However, what can you tell about your background and education? How did you come up to the conclusion to help other people to create websites?

My passions for business, photography, storytelling, and creativity can all be traced back to early childhood. For whatever reason, these things caught my interest and stuck with me.

In high school, I took an HTML web design class and was hooked. In college, I majored in marketing and communications while offering web design services on the side to make money. A few years after graduating, I started traveling – which reaffirmed my love for photography and storytelling. It also was when I started Adventures of a GoodMan.

As I continued to travel and get farther away from a “traditional life,” I needed a way to finance this lifestyle. Thus, after years of tinkering in all of these areas, I founded Goodman Creatives and dedicated myself to helping other people create the websites of their dreams.

7. Based on your experience in Web Development, what can you tell about the Lightbox plugin you use? What do you like most about it and what improvements it needs?

During a recent redesign of Adventures of a GoodMan, I did a lot of research on lightbox plugins before deciding on HugeIT. While I really liked how sleek and elegant the software is, what really made HugeIT stand out was the excellent customer service I got. When I had a simple “how do you do this” question, their team offered to modify the plugin for me. Great communication and great service!

8. And the last point of this interview is introducing and inspiring others with your life motto. Do you have such one?

“It is what it is!”

You can take that to mean whatever you like. For me, it’s a constant reminder to accept things as they are at that moment, while knowing that what comes next is completely up to me.

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