Why create websites using WordPress?


Any specific specialty in the prosperous sphere of development is considered to be one of the best nowadays. This can be linked to the unstoppable and gradual progress of both web development and in the tech industry in general. Despite our wishes, we need to to keep up with the latest.

It is not a secret for anyone that ever since the global tech progress started, any kind of good specialists in tech industry is wanted in the majority of the companies.

Specialities connected with the web development are the most prestigious ones.

Only real developers would agree that being a developer is a blessing and a curse at the same time.

The blessing can be the fact that one can create amazing websites using nothing but the brain and of course some coding skills.

As we have already talked about coding skills, let’s pass to the “course” part.
Coding process is an inseparable of programming. Need to admit that this is the most suffering part about coding. Frankly saying one should know a lot to start building a website. Coding process is not that easy thing to cope with.

So what to do in this case? Give up on learning to code because it is time-consuming?

The answer is definitely “No”.

Many of us can face this dilemma. You hesitation can come an end if you come across Content management system (CMS). This is an easy way to handle the website creation. If you are not going to spend a quite long periods of time learning, it will be wise of you to start using CMS.

Sounds good, huh?

Now, how to choose the best CMS among plentiful available? According to the statistics the most demanded CMS platform is WordPress. In my case it was a love from a first sight. Quite sure you will also fall in love with it sooner or later.

So what is WordPress and what to start with?

WordPress is a Web Software platform you to use to create highly functional, user-friendly, cool-looking website or even a blog. Initially WordPress started as a blogging system/platform. Now it is a full considered to be a full content management system. Besides, according to the latest statistics, WordPress is the leading CMS platform. Over 28% websites in the Internet are now created using WordPress platform.

Among them you may find such websites like The New York Times, CNN, Wheaton College, MTV Newsroom, WSJ Magazine etc.

So, what are the main advantages of creating a website using WordPress?

1.The usage of the platform is absolutely  free. This is great for those who have a fixed budget and cannot afford to hire a developer or a freelancer to create a website for them. So this is quite reasonable.

2. WordPress offers a huge number of Themes (so-called containers, where the website content is published), templates, and plugins (special tools that allow adding cool features to your website). All the versions available in WordPress are free of charge.

Most of them can be upgraded to their PRO/Paid versions with cool features.

Plugin is inseparable part of amazing website.

3. WordPress platform is designed in a very user-friendly way. It has a intuitive structure, even a beginner can start using it fully in a very short period of time.

4. After creating a WordPress website, you do not have to worry about it being responsive. The website will perfectly work on various mobile devices and tablets.


5. An enormous support community is at your disposal. Support forums are available for everyone. Necessary support topics created by other users can be easily found and be fixed.

This all means the platform is flexible enough to allow everyone creating amazing websites and blogs. So what is the next step to launch the website?

The next step to have a complete website you want to have is to get a domain name and good hosting.

What the domain is?

Domain is your website address, for example, websitename.com

Here are some tips to choose the domain name:

1. Make sure the domain name is easy to remember and creative.

The domain is the same company name and all the potential users and visitors will search for it. Creativeness can mean having some interesting words, linking the name with something else, or you can create catchy and memorable names.

2. Try to make it short.

According to the statistics, most popular website names contain not more than 6 digits.

3. Make sure it is easy to type and pronounce

If you have to spell the address name to explain someone, it makes everything complicated. Just think over the most popular websites that first com to your mind…
Those can be Google, Yahoo or CNN.

4. Avoid using numbers or Hyphens

It’s always easier to remember the website name without the above mentioned characters. There can be exceptions anyway but if there is a chance, better to avoid.

The last thing you will need is Hosting. Hosting stands for service which connects the website to the internet. There are various hosting services available. You can even try to manage the host yourself. This method, anyway is a lot complicated. The best way is to pay a bit to get a proper hosting that will suit the WordPress.org requirements.

After getting the domain together with the hosting, you will get an email account(s) as well, which can be linked to Gmail, Yahoo etc.accounts . They can look like this: [email protected]

Have finished this phase as well? Congrats! Your fully-functional website is ready to Conquer the Internet.









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