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Weekly Updates Report from Huge-IT


This is weekly update from Team Huge-IT. Last 2 weeks were pretty much weighty for major update. Particularly we shall mention WordPress Slider and Catalog plugins. We have made major updates. Details are available on Slider Changelog page.

After Lite version update, which is 4.0.0 some users reported fatal error or blank page. Main issue was connected with missing widget. That is fixed along with other 80% reports. Yet have in mind the fact that Slider has over 100K active installs; some users will surely face issues after such major code optimization chance. Rests 20%, which are some 5-6 reported cases are being investigated at our end and we will make a fix in upcoming hours. You are always free to commit fresh suggestion at Slider’s GitHub Project Responsive Slider plugin includes a new Styling options with popular Instagram-Style Filters. These filters include some of the most famous ones such as Sepia, GrayScal, XPro2, Lofi, Walden and more. The option adds a layer to your Slides according to users choice.

Responsive slider Updates photo

Options include 20 filters in Professional version of plugin, where the Lite one has 5 image styling solutions. Besides that there are options for border, its size as well as color and radius. Video Gallery now includes new type lightbox with way more options and functionality. Lite version of Slider plugin includes 4 beautiful lightbox styles, option to control speed, overlay close option as well as loop option. Pro version includes way more options with social sharing solutions, styles.

These are major updates that took place this week. Still on pending list we have Forms plugin with PayPal and Google Maps integration that shall be launched in upcoming days. So tune up for our blog posts for latest updates.

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