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Video Gallery plugin was created and specifically designed to show your video files in unusual splendid ways. It has 5 good-looking views. Each are made in different taste so that you can choose any of them, according to the style of your website.

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Upload the videos from youtube and vimeo in your Video Gallery, wright a title, add description and give some link. On the left panel you can find 5 unrepeatable views, it has a view to show your videos with it’s information next to it in a beautiful popup, or the same view can be slide, in the second view, then you can choose to demonstrate the videos in lightbox, or only slide the videos, in the next view, set the way to slide and have fun, the last view is to show your videos in a little box which can be opened in lightbox and be slide at a time. So the choice are huge. You can provide all the information as from uploader panel, as after inserting in the Video Gallery panel. Each of the view has changeable options in ‘General Options’ section of Video Gallery. Every detail is allowed to be change so that our users be satisfy of the results they get by using Video Gallery plugin. And everything are so easy to use that even your child can manage it. Make the Video shows. And demonstrate the content of your website in more kindly and pleasant way. The Video Gallery allows you to add video from 2 kind of sources, it is Vimeo and Youtube. From time to time we will make all kind of updates, and add many other even better view to our Video Gallery, so that to be competitive among the other Video plugins in WordPress. So we have an aim to be the best Video Gallery and we will achieve our goal. Now it time for you to install and just try how nice it works!

The features of the Video Gallery

  • WordPress ready
  • 7 Views Options:
    • Blocks Toggle Up/Down

      Quite an interesting view for Video. All images with its title and “down-arrow” are at the bottom. When you click on the arrow, smoothly opens the text to the image, as well as other images that you have added further. The all images become large and open with popup. There is a button labeled «View more» at the bottom of the text, which will move to more information. Arrow-down has already become a cross which close the text back. If the pictures are under each other, the opened text moves other images toward. Simple and compact, Talking about compact.

    • Full-Height Blocks

      This view is a tape of images let to see the text and other images under the main image with its title. All additional images become large when clicking on them, and open with popup. It has “View more” button at the bottom of the text.

    • Gallery/Content-Popup

      This type of view has the following characteristics: It opens each photo from your tape increasing them as popup, with the text and other images inside, next to the main image. There is also a button “View more” inside, which allows opening more information about the content. The “cross” button in the upper right corner closes the popup going back to the tape.

    • Full-Width Blocks

      This type of view looks like already opened popup. It allows to see your main image with its additional images under it and the text disposed next to the image. The title is above the text and “View more” button is at the bottom of the text. All the images opens and becomes larger with lightbox.

    • FAQ Toggle Up/Down

      FAQ Toggle view is very simple. You can see only the titles and down-arrow button. Clicking on down-arrow button smoothly opens the text downwards and “view more” button under it. So there are no images only the text. Pressing on the cross you can close the text and go back to titles.

    • Content Slider

      This type of view gives you an ability to see photos with slider, the text is next to the image with the title above. Just simply press the arrows on the upper right corner and slide the content.

    • Lightbox-Gallery

      This gallery view involves only review of images without text. The title comes up from the bottom of the image as you hover the mouse on it. Images become larger with the lightbox and you can slide to watch them.

  • Customizable Styles and Colors
  • Image title and description
  • Possibility of adding various Videos
  • Possibility of adding various images for each Video
  • Elegant design
  • Fully responsive
  • Full Documentation
  • Easy usage due to the shortcode
  • Sample Videos Included